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Jun 25, 2011 09:22 PM

Local honey

I thought it might be nice to have a thread to aggregate comments on local honey. By local I mean it should fit the geographical parameters of this board, i.e. the nine Bay Area counties.

I was prompted to do this by some honey I bought this afternoon. Understand, I don't need honey. I have lots of honey. But the produce stand outside Half Moon Bay where I was buying peas had quite a few varietal and local honeys, and I couldn't resist.

Montara Meadows wildflower honey. This is a really pretty reddish dark amber. It's very strong and complex, with almost molasses-like notes. Nice article about the beekeeper, too:

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  1. Great topic!

    The honey sold by Filoli is delicious. Light and floral, very fragrant. I believe it comes from their hives on the estate. You can buy it in their gift store and cafe. It is one of our go-to gifts during the holidays.

    86 Canada Rd, Woodside, CA

    1. I love Branches Blackberry honey; I eat it with yogurt and fruit. I believe that it is local, but it is hard to tell where they actually gather this particular honey from... The producer, Katz (I love their vinegars too) is located in Napa, but they have some ranches/farms outside of the Bay Area as well.

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        I've seen their honey, though perhaps not all varieties, at Berkeley Bowl (Oregon store) at some point.

        Speaking of blackberry blossom honey, I do like the one Berkeley Bowl sells in bulk containers, though I don't know where in California it is sourced.

        Berkeley Bowl
        2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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          Maybe Gipson's Golden of Santa Rosa? I've seen it in bulk at various grocers.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I'll try to remember to ask next time I'm there, as there isn't a sign or label as there is with some of the other local goods sold in bulk.

      2. I've been told that eating local honey can ease hay fever symptoms. It contains the pollens that hayfever sufferers are reacting to.

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          That's the claim. It certainly can't hurt! Of course if you're doing that then you don't want a single-source honey. Marshall's has blends from different parts of the Bay Area if you really want to pinpoint your local pollen sources.

        2. There was a sign for local honey at the intersection of route 92 and skyline blvd. There's a dirt turnoff on the north side by the entrance to the chapel of the chimes. I did not stop and enter.

          1. I love, and I mean LOVE Marshall Farm Honey in American Canyon! Awesome variety with depth of flavor and they have hives throughout the bay area. I mean if Thomas Keller uses it that is recommendation enough.