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Jun 25, 2011 08:56 PM

London - Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Does anyone know where to purchase one of these either in the London area or online (with shipping to Canada of course) for a reasonable price. The actual cost of these is a great bargain (~$30) on amazon, but of course they wouldn't ship to Canada :(. Home Hardware sells it for $90+tax and another website sells it for $80+tax with free shipping and I have seen it for over $100 on other Canadian websites. Bass Pro sells it for $40+tax plus around $25+5 extra for heavy shipping + customs I believe, which adds up from $40 pretty fast.

There must be somewhere that sells such a great item at a good price!

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  1. The Bass Pro price is discounted (Lodge U.S. list price is $56 plus shipping, if I have the right model), so $40 plus $30 may be your best bet. Have you phoned the Vaughan store to see if they have it for personal shopping?

    I have seen Lodge pans at Zellers, so the Bay or Home Outfitters may also carry them.

    1. The original comment has been removed