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Jun 25, 2011 06:50 PM

Microwave / Convection Combo Oven - Any Good?

Recently l've been looking for both a toaster oven and a microwave to replace both of my ancient units. I was in an electronics store the other day and noticed they had a Panasonic Inverter Convection Microwave (NNCF770M)

It made me think that maybe I could replace both my old toaster oven and my old microwave with just this one oven. While looking at it in the store I noticed there was no spinning turntable, which made me wonder how evenly microwaved foods would turn out. It had heating elements above in the ceiling, but not below. It looked like it would broil and bake food relatively well though.

Has anyone here had any experience with a microwave/convection oven? (doesn't have to be Panasonic). If so, what has your experience been like? Would you recommend a combination appliance like this, or should I just buy a seperate toaster oven and microwave oven.


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  1. We have a Panasonic convection/microware and are happy with it. It will not "toast" but is a great microwave and serves as a very uselfull second oven. That said, you can probably get a good microwave and a good small convection over for much less thn what we paid for the one unit that does both. Our unit does have a turntable which runs in both the microwave and backing modes.

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      Thanks. Do you know what Panasonic model number you have?

      1. re: Seitan

        i will check and post in a day or so

        1. re: Seitan

          its the genius model nncd9895

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            Thanks LJ. I saw this one in the store as well. Instead of heating rods in the ceiling, it seems to have a vent on one side of the ceiling where the heat comes out. This seemed kind of odd.

            How do you find baking results in your model? With the heating vent on one side, does baking come out even? Does the rotating turntable make up for the fact the vent is on one side?

            1. re: Seitan

              My wife and daughter are the bakers in the family and they seem pleased with the baking ability. I have used it for caseroles and other side dishes. Everything cooks evenly. We checked out online reviews before buying. This Panasonic model got consistently good reviews and ratings. However as I mentioned earlier, you could buy a good microwave and a good convection oven for less than the cost of the Panasonic combo unit.

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              Does anyone know where to get a little wire rack on feet like the one in the previous Panasonic model (994CS, I think it was)? Panasonic has been no help at all, and I have been able to find it only at a site in the UK. They might send one to me (I didn't ask), but if there were one available here in the US, I'd buy it like a shot.

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            I went on the Panasonic site and couldn't find the model number you listed. Where did you purchase your combo and what was the price range? Really didn't think these existed anymore until I came across your review.

            1. re: Dkasper

              I couldn't get that model, because it had already been discontinued, so I looked at another one that seemed almost identical, except that it didn't have the metal rack for broiling. So I didn't purchase any of them.(Both models also are very large, and I wasn't sure I wanted to give up so much counter space.) It is possible that the model, or the one that succeeded it, still can be obtained. I know that Amazon carries lots of microwaves, including some with convection. That might be a good place to start, though there are occasional complaints about Amazon that people don't get what they were promised. Amazon does have good customer service, though, I believe.

              Or Google the model that interests you. The Consumer Search Website reviews all kinds of things, including microwave ovens. You also might want to look there. I'm sorry not to be more helpful. I just haven't acted on anything to do with microwave or microware/convection ovens for myself, so I'm really behind the curve on this.

          3. I have a similar Panasonic combo microwave/convection oven (a Japanese model because I'm in Japan) and really like it.

            The lack of a turntable is a great feature, IMO. You can microwave things on oval or square dishes, and you never have to worry about long things getting hung up and failing to rotate. Easier to clean too.

            My model also has direct temperature input - you just enter the desired target temperature instead of the time. An infrared temperature sensor inside monitors the temperature of the food as it cooks. The sensor also measures three separate zones and can adjust the microwave intensity sent to each of the zones so that all parts of the food cook evenly.

            I've only used the convection oven to make lasagna, which came out fine. A friend of mine has the same oven and has used it to bake very tasty cookies and muffins. I've never tried to make toast in it. Somehow it just doesn't seem to be the right tool for the job.

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            1. re: tanuki soup

              Thanks tanuki. Does the lack of a rotating turntable cause any issues with eveness of cooking? (using the mcrowave mode alone)

              1. re: Seitan

                Hi, Seitan. Sorry, I probably should have made it clearer that the "direct temperature input" and "infrared temperature sensor" features I mentioned apply to microwave cooking. It seems that the oven has some way of directing microwaves to different areas in the oven to ensure even heating.

            2. I have had a Kenmore for about three or four years. It does have a turn table and does a good job of both the microwave and convection. I don't really see why you would necessarily need a toaster oven, but I would assume you would need a toaster.

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                We have a microwave-convection oven which we bought when our over-the-stove microwave died. I went for the combined unit because we only have one oven, and frankly because we had just been through eight days without electricity and I was feeling self-indulgent. i've been pretty happy with it, though I don't use it as an oven all that often. I've done casseroles, rolls, and I think at least one cake in it. Not an everyday thing, but nice to have for Thanksgiving and suchlike. It does have a turntable, which can be turned off if using a larger dish. One thing to keep in mind is that it has to be preheated, just like a regular oven, and that does take a while.

              2. Hi, Seitan:

                I have one in my beach home that I absolutely despise. It is not a Panasonic, and it does have a turntable. It supposedly has MW+convection+infared broiler functions. The MW is OK, but underpowered. The broiler works, in a way. But the convection oven is a joke--easily DOUBLE the cook times of even a conventional oven. I basically bought it for an extra oven (I already had a 1960s RadarRange and a gas salamander there), so it was a bust.

                It is now my backup boat anchor (in case the concreted Le Creuset breaks free--then it's the crabs' problem). If you're interested, I will update with the make/model when I'm at the beach this weekend.


                1. I have used the sharp microwave convection ovens for years and they seem to get the job done for me. There are several models to chose from, I suggest taking a look at their website.

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                    I've been using a Sharp Microwave Combo oven which combines a microwave, convection oven and grill/broiler for the better part of a year. The model is R96ST-A, which is an EU model, so the US equivalent will have a different model number. It's on the larger side at 40 L capacity, ab. 11 gallons and it can function as a countertop or be installed in a cabinet.

                    The grill/broiler function (1300 watts) in combination with the provided rack or shelf will produce nice toast.

                    If making toast were the primary or even secondary use of this sort of oven, I'd probably opt to get a dedicated toaster or small toaster oven unless I had absolutely no space for it. It seems like overkill for a single slice of bread. But for occasional toasting, it's fine.

                    One does have to learn how long it takes to get the desired amount of scorching as there's no control for light-medium-dark toast. You can imagine how I came to appreciate this point.

                    It's rated at 900Watts for Microwave functions, which has proven adequate for everything I've done with it, even if more powerful MW ovens are available.
                    And as a convection oven, it seems to cook very nicely, especially when I bake/roast on a rack set on the turntable rather than using a shelf and rotating the food.