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Jun 25, 2011 04:06 PM

Kitchen-Art non-stick pans from Galleria (moved from Ontario board)

Does anyone know anything about these Korean-made pans that you can buy at the Galleria supermarkets? They are non-stick, incredibly light and have a mottled (sort of granite-like) finish. I picked up a wok a few months ago and have been rather fond of it. I haven't used it enough to know how well the finish will hold up and would like to know whether this is just a cheap teflon rip off that's going to peel off in a few more months or whether it's some other type of non-stick finish.

My google skills have turned up nothing because "kitchen art", "kitchen-art" and "kitchenart" are incredibly generic terms that result in a gabillion hits.

If anyone knows anything and could share, I'd appreciate it.

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  1. Here are my comments from another reply%3

    The best non stick frying pan, used at level 7 or 8 of 10 is the frying pans from Korea with a marble like coating. NO telfon.

    vailible at T&T of all places. Goes on sale for $15 to $25 ish.

    Try this with ANY other pan: Raw egg cracked in cold pan WITHOUT any oil or butter, turn heat to med or a bit higher, let seat till almost cooked or fully cooked. Maybe lift edges a bit and see if it comes of the pan WITHOUT any residues in the pan.

    These Korea pans are amazing.

    I have the wok type with a lid from something else, and that is almost the only "pan" I used in the kitchen.

    I am on my second one, after about 3 years, because the last one was used on a gas stove and used too high of a temperature. It got warped too much to my liking and T & T had it on sale a few weeks ago.

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    1. re: stv

      Yes, I saw your original post, but this doesn't tell me what they are made of. Do you know?

      1. re: stv

        There is no way these pans are PTFE free. Although it may not contain "Teflon" which is the trademark name for PTFE, anything that is that non-stick most certainly is coated. I highly doubt some cheap Korean pan contains some magic technology.

      2. Below is a cut and paste from an eBay ad.


        28CM FRY PAN



        Gold Plus Diamond fry pan features a patented diamond

        reinforced non-stick cooking surface using diamond

        crystals in nano-composite. This new non-stick coating

        makes for easy and effortless clean-ups, plus will not

        peel, crack or blister.

        Features :

        Diamond 5 layer non-stick coating for maximum cooking results
        Die-casting body for premium durability and anti-warping
        No PFOA emission
        Anti-bacterial coating in nano-composite
        Patented harmless hard-base coating
        Efficient heat distribution
        Added abrasion & scratch resistant surface
        Ergonomically designed bakelite handle
        Easy and efforless clean-ups
        Suitable for all energy sources excluding induction
        Limited lifetime warranty
        Made in Korea

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        1. re: Jed Clampet

          My old one, did have about 4 very round small spots (1mm dia.) of coating that were not coated when it got replaced.

          1. re: Jed Clampet

            Yeah, I saw that ad, but the surface doesn't look like mine. This one, however, does:


            It claims to be PFOA and PTFE free, but I still wonder what the surface is made of.

          2. Don't buy, it starts to stick after 1 month normal use! Hurd to clean, don't want to scratch the surface and everything sticks even if I use oil!!! Garbage!