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Jun 25, 2011 02:37 PM

Not the prettiest berries...

I was given some AMAZING fresh berries (black, blue, and raspberries), and have been feasting on them all week. I was given wayyyyy to many though, and now I have guests coming over tonight so I figured they could help me to finish them off. They have gotten a little old looking, but if anything taste better then they did before. I already have my main courses set, so I am looking for a dessert that will highlight the berry flavor flavor but hide the fact that they may look a little old. Maybe some sort of light creme? Any suggestions or recipes would be great.

p.s. the dessert doesn't need to contain all three, there is no way I will finish any of them so i already plan on making preserves with the extra.

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  1. I think I would toss them with some sugar and creme de cassis or framboise, or maybe just sugar, and a tiny pinch of salt, and then top them with some lightly sweetened fresh whipped cream, like you were thinking.

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      That's my fallback plan, I was wondering if there is any more interesting/exotic recipes though? I know me and my friends will enjoy berries topped with cream, but we have already had that many times.

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        Howzabout cobbler with a crumble incorporating an unusual element like amaretti cookies, ginger snaps, or meringues?

    2. You could do a granita, pretty easy in the freezer - a little booze helps it from getting to solid and grainy. Maybe a raspberry with Grand Marnier?

      Maybe a blueberry and black pepper sauce over angel food cake?

      Or do little pot de creme with berries in the bottom (chocolate and raspberry, lemon and blueberry, orange blackberry).

      Sounds like a fun problem!

      1. Ice cream

        Or get creative and roll out a large flour tortilla, spread a row of berries in the middle, drizzle with some custard and chocolate, roll them up, and fry them so that they are just crisp on the outside with a nice light brown hue. And, voila, berry dessert rolls. Or fruity cannelloni?

          1. Well, you could go all out and actually make one of the least-pretty (but SO delicious) berry desserts ever: Berry brown sugar gratin


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              I want to eat that right now! And so simple, I love her site I can't believe I never noticed that recipe.

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                i've made this it's very good.

                this too:


                both work with any kind of berry or mix.

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                  I think I could inhale some of that cake. :)