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Jun 25, 2011 02:15 PM

I have a ham hock-- what now?

Saw this beautiful ham hock at the store and bought it but don't know what to do with it. Ideas please?

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  1. The most common use is to make soup, or soup stock, or use it to cook vegetables.

    But in my opinion the best way to use a good ham hock (esp. from the front of the piggie) is to braise it Chinese style with some Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, ginger, rock sugar, allspice, and star anise. Serve with a big bowl of rice and go at it. Bib recommended, if not required.

    Some earlier ideas here:

    1. You use it as seasoning for cooking other things -- greens (turnip, mustard, or collard), beans, cook the other things in the liquid as you cook the ham hock until the meat is falling off the bone -- then pull it out, let it cool a bit, then pull all the meat off the bone, discard the bone, then chop the meat roughly and add back to the greens/beans/lentils.

      You'll love it.

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          Ditto on the split pea, or yellow pea soup, one of my favs.

          1. Chile, make you some collards.