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Jun 25, 2011 12:44 PM

An Italian experience at the Samoset

Lunch today with the better half. For starters - first impressions. Decor tastefully done and attention to detail is evident in both the lounge and dining room. Open, lots of light - views to the bay only add to the ambiance. We were there from 12:30PM to 2:15 or so -- they were reasonably busy for a rainy day. The good stuff - - - her, a glass of Tiamo Pinot Grigio , me -- the Rocca Delle Macie Chianti. Antipasti, we shared the Crispy Calamari with Zucchini - lovely -- nicely done with the addition of red and green peppers - the pomodoro sauces was especially nice . For our mains the better half chose the Pan Roasted Wild Salmon and I , the Pappardelle Farnese. The boss gave the salmon the big thumbs up and I could not decide whether to eat the braised beef ragu or " sleep ' with it ! Both of us gave our dishes a really big " salude". Finishing with Chocolate Budino for her and I an Expresso with Frangelico on the rocks. Other points --- the bread is freshly made and absolutely superb with a nice bowl of olive oil. Our waiter was Kyle whose presence was attentive but not obtrusive - the mark of one who has the special touch. I rated the restaurant 4/5 stars simply as we have not have dinner there yet --- to be continued next Friday night. In my opinion this new addition to the Mid-coast food scene will be a welcomed addition to both the vistors and locals alike. Bon Appetito !!

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  1. Went there with my better half a couple weeks ago for some drinks and small plates. Mezza mezza for me. Agreed that the setting and decor is spectacular...really first rate renovations in there. The calamari was good (definitely a plus with the hot peppers)...and the pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil was decent (though not as good as I wanted it to be - being billed as authentic, high temperature, real italian style). The wine by the glass selection was ok, not great -- wanted more options since the lounge is called an "Enoteca". The one real deficiency there was the service...close to awful. They were slow and unknowledgeable. Probably because 95% of the waitstaff was 18 y/o or younger. Hard to ask the waiter what he thinks of a particular wine when he isn't old enough to drink it. And they don't put the vintage on the wines! I asked what year the Oregon Pinot on the menu was...he had no clue...not that I expected him to. I'll give it another try...but it's a tough sell for me when I could spend around 10% more and just go to Primo.