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Tonny's - Pasadena

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Went for lunch yesterday. Ordered the Pozole, Al Pastor soft taco, Carne Asada Hard Taco and an Iced Tea. Came to a little over $11 before tip.
First the sweet waitress brought me the chips, a pretty boring salsa, and lime. Then she brought me the tacos and a duo of salsas (one green and one red) and jalapenos. Once I mixed some of those other salsas into the one that came with the chips, I was good to go.
The Al Pastor was okay. Very juicy and tender. Flavorful. The Carne Asada hard taco was in a taco shell which they fried themselves. The meat was shoved inside and it was on its side with some lettuce, cheese, sour cream and an avocado sauce. Pretty good. The meat was not really flavored but was tender and juicy as well.
However, the real belle of the ball was the Pozole. A large bowl, $4.99, which came with the usual fixins on the side – cabbage, onions/cilantro, lime. WOWWY! What a great, deeply reddish-orange broth. So delicious!! I will definitely be having that again. And their tortillas – just so good! I had to take most of the soup home since, as usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach (which is hard to believe). Seemed like most the people who were there while I was were ordering one of their several soups.
I will definitely go back to try some of the other offerings. Really good place!

Tonny's Restaurant
843 E Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104
(626) 797-0866

Open 24 hours

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  1. It is a matter of utter shame to me that I live within comfortable walking distance of this place, and I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE! What (smacking forehead) is the matter with me??

    Okay. This weekend sometime. PROMISE. Damn, I love posole...AND menudo. They got menudo?

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      I'm a 5 minute drive from there and I've never tried it either. Jonathon Gold likes the chile verde there.

      1. re: martyR

        I just moved to Pasadena and tried the chile verde - it is pretty damn awesome. Frankly, it kicked my ass.

        I've found you can't really go wrong with most of the pork items at Tonny's - they do it right. Baa-ram-ewe.

      2. re: Will Owen

        Yes! I am pretty sure they do have menudo.

      3. Tonny's is the best authentic Mexican food in Pasadena and it's not even close.
        The only thing that I've found consistently subpar is the al pastor. The carnitas and carne asada are excellent. Their chile relleno and chile verde are also fantastic. Plus it's damn cheap and fresh tortillas.
        I've even had the shrimp (diablo) there and it was good.
        They also have a juicer and make fresh juices.
        I was there last night as it happens.

        1. Tonny's makes great birria, the hand-made corn tortillas are yummy as well.

          Plus, open 24 hours for those late-night/early morning urges ...

          1. I heard about this place and was in the area, so we tried it. A lot of choices. We just had the chicken soup, chile verde, and mango and pineapple juice. My wife, no fan of Mexican food, really liked the soup. It tasted like it was from real chicken stock. The chile verde was quite good too, although some of the pork was a little too fatty. The juices were fresh and not sugary. The tortillas looked like they were handmade. The prices were low and we had really a delish meal. The somewhat spotty service was the only thing. The waitress was very nice, but just not too attentive, like we didn't get any water, napkins, or utensils until the meal came. Otherwise, a nice experience. Thanks, hounds!

            1. Another A plus from us!! That Chile Verde is the best I've had outside of New Mexico...


              1. Thanks for the post! Finally went last night. I had the chili rellenos, which was good (best is still at Tucson). Hubbie had the birria which he loved, but I thought was a bit on the sour side. Loved the flour tortilla - tasted like homemade as well.

                Overall a good option.

                  1. re: Babette

                    You meant the ones served on the side with rice? Average.

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                      I love Tonny's. If you are looking for great beans though, try El Metate on Figueroa in Highland Park. The beans are worth going to alone. You can search on this board for the address.

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                        Thanks for that--it's so close, & I don't know how we've missed it. Will try it soon.

                    2. Since my last post on this thread, we've been there...well, we've been there a bunch. Like, almost once a week. Really cheap, really good, brought a lot of out-of-town folks in with us and sent'em home talking to themselves. Yeah, that good. When you get what they're great at it's world-class; when you get what they seem to have phoned in it's still more than edible. And they're right next door: THANK YOU, JESUS!!

                      Okay, I'll calm down now.

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                      1. re: Will Owen

                        Thanks for the Tonny's recommendations here and elsewhere on the board! We were visiting Pasadena from the Bay Area this weekend and this was a great choice. We were very happy with our lengua with salsa verde and battered catifsh dinners, served with excellent rice, beans, and tortillas. The watermelon agua fresca and banana licuado were both delicious as well.

                        One important update - due to some neighbor complaints, they are no longer open 24 hours, but from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. We chose Tonny's in part because were doing a late night dinner, and we made it in with just 10 minutes to spare last night.

                        Chowhound comes through again - thanks so much!


                        1. re: mdg

                          Good old Pasadena...10 pm is early evening in most of the civilized world, including my old stomping grounds of Nashville; Tonny's was one of the few bright spots in this amazingly stodgy town. And who on earth are these neighbors? We drove through that area at almost 11 last night, and there were kids out on bicycles!


                          1. re: Will Owen

                            With all these great recommendations Tonny's is next on my list. Sadly, in Pasadena, outside of Old town, malls and older restaurants that are Grandfathered in, you must close by ten. The law is to keep the neighborhoods quiet and safe and no amount of people not living within 1000 ft will get the city to change its mind. Though if someone would post the date of the hearing I would go and show my support.

                      2. Do they have a bar? How are their margaritas?

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                        1. re: bigmidget

                          No, but really good non-alcoholic aguas frescas. Can't remember if they serve beer, I'm sure somone else can answer that one.

                          1. re: sel

                            There are no alcoholic beverages, but really good non-alcoholic drinks as sel mentions.

                            Tonny's had a sign up saying how you could help them get back their ability to stay open later. We're just tourists so I didn't follow up, but I encourage locals to get down there, have a great meal, and see how you might be able to help out.


                        2. I agree..went tonight for the first time...friendly service and good patio sitting!

                          1. Tonny's does really solid breakfasts, too. I'm really into their Huevos Mexicanos and their Huevos Con Nopales.