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Jun 25, 2011 12:02 PM

Produce Stands - Lancaster County

Any suggestions on the best produce stands in Lancaster County? Organic?

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  1. By far the largest and best, IMO, is the Lancaster Central Market
    in downtown Lancaster. There are quite a few produce stands selling
    nothing but organic products.

    1. There is an organic produce stand on Prospect Road near Farmdale Elementary area. Not sure how good it is.

      Love the berries and peaches from the farm stand on North Strickler Road in Manheim.

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        Thanks. I will check them out this summer. This is actually what I am looking for, the roadside stands! I live in Wyomissing and travel to Lancaster Co.

      2. An amazing Mennonite stand, on the way from the Morgantown exit of the turnpike on Route 23, driving toward Shady Maple. If you get off at the Morgantown exit, be sure to stop at the Windmill for some drop dead frozen ice cream (chocolate has bits of chocolate in it).

        About 3/4 of the way to Shady Maple, there is a stand on the right with just about the best produce anywhere. (We drive from Philly, too.) If you are also looking for a great price on Asher's chocolates and Wilber Buds, Shady Maple grocery store is the place to go. Most folks know Shady Maple for their very touristy buffet but the grocery store is worth the visit.

        Also, while you are there, if you take a right turn, just before the entrance to Shady Maple, there is an organic farmer about a 1/2 mile on the left who has a refrigerator right outside on his farm (Down the Lane Farm) and the eggs, meats and chicken are simply unbeatable for price, quality an taste.