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Jun 25, 2011 11:08 AM

Silpat question

I have used a silpat liner in the past, but had a hard time getting it squeaky clean. It always seemed to have a greasy residue. Has anyone had a similar experience or has anyone used one successfully? What was I doing wrong?

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  1. That residue is stubborn. I finally decided to live with it, within reason. Now I wash my silpats by rubbing straight dish detergent/Sal Suds on them and then rinsing them in hot hot water - all the while rubbing them down with a very clean textured dishtowel, to wipe off as much residue as I can. A swish in soapy water doesn't do it like it does for other dishes. And heck - the important thing is to just use them. When I was doing more cookie baking, I'd just wipe them down and use them again.

    1. This is the same complaint people have for silicone bakeware and cookware. Well, Silpat is made from silcone, so it is what it is. You have to live with the fact that it will take more effects to remove the grease residue.

      1. I just ran across the package insert that came with my Silpat, and it notes that the oily feeling after washing is normal. You're probably not doing anything wrong.

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          Exactly. It is my understanding that it isn't actually greasy - as in not clean. It is just the feeling of the silicone and I think trying too hard to remove it may damage the product and make it less non-stick.

        2. The original comment has been removed