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Any such thing as a "taco stand" in NNJ?

I miss being able to just walk up to a window & order a couple of tacos from an ordinary little taco stand. I'm in Passaic county....... anyone know of one anywhere within a reasonable driving distance? NOT Taco Bell!

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  1. I don't know if you can order individual taco.....but you can get three(3) for $7.95 from a new place that opened in Bogota, easily accessible off of Route 80.

    Riviera Maya Mexican Cuisine

    252 East Fort Lee Road


    1. Further away, but if you're in Hoboken, The Taco Truck (not an actual truck in this case, but they also have one) has excellent tacos and more...

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        I second the Taco truck. Great place.

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          A co-worker just told me that Taco Truck has opened another restaurant in Morristown...they're in the Burger King plaza. Across the street from Raul's Empanadas, for those who think the way I do... :-)

        2. Passaic has several taquerias. You might have to walk through a door though.

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              334 Monroe St.
              Open 24 hours!

          1. not a Taco stand, but Tinga is very good:


            fast food style restaurant, but much better quality.

            in Montclair, Millburn, Westfield. Don't know if there are other locations...

            1. Hudson County, Jersey City Grove St. by PATH train, Chilango taco stand sometime's there setup w/ a blinking light. Yeah, as a child was in Cali Southland myself and remember burrito truck near my junior high school. Otherwise, you'd need to go to Manhattan, there's a couple of trucks around think one is near 14 st. Union Square. Good luck.

              1. It's unlikely that you'll find an actual stand because of the weather. Who wants to wait for their tacos in the freezing cold?

                Of course, New Jersey is filled with storefront Mexican places that make great, authentic tacos. Indeed, this has to be the only place in the country where good authentic Mexican is easier to find than good, authentic Cal-Mex or Tex-Mex.

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                  "It's unlikely that you'll find an actual stand because of the weather. Who wants to wait for their tacos in the freezing cold?"

                  There are food trucks (and not just the "foodie" kind), "street-meat" stands and hot dog carts all over NYC and even in NJ and have been for years since I was a kid (I'm 52). Winter, spring, summer and fall; hot, cold and in-between weather.

                  1. Dover has excellent taquerias

                    1. Taqueria Downtown, in Jersey City, has excellent tacos.

                      1. I am hearing good things about the new location for the Taco Truck in Morristown. http://www.nj.com/morris/index.ssf/20...

                        I have not been, yet, but friends have and say it is really good. They also have a location in Hoboken, as well as trucks in Manhattan, Jersey City, Newark, and Boston. The Newark truck may be the closest to you Pappy.

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                          OOOH...thanks for that heads-up! I've been to the TT in Hoboken a few times and their food is excellent!

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                            Here's another article about the Taco Truck Restaurant in Morristown. Not what the OP is looking for but still of considerable interest.


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                              After reading this thread, I stopped at Taco Truck in M'town today. I ran into friends who had been there frequently and on their advice, I ordered the Pescado - chunks of fried catfish with red cabbage and chipotle salsa. It was VERY good, but a little small for $5.00. So I went back for an order of frijoles negros oaxaquenos. Boy, if I ever need to get warmed up on a cold day, I know exactly what to order! The place has a cool urban vibe for colonial Morristown,

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                                Ha! The catfish was the taco my co-worker called out as wonderful, "but a little small for $5..." At least they're consistent!