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Jun 25, 2011 09:55 AM

Thai Country Kitchen-- Delicious Surprise!

The other week I was walking around the Spadina and College area looking for lunch and stumbled upon a recent opening, Thai Country Kitchen. The enticing purple exterior led me in to check out the menu. The inside was very humble and didnt seem to impress, however the menu is filled with the Thai dishes that you would expect at the average Thai place, but also has some different, more authentic dishes so I decided to give it a try. Many of the dishes sounded great, I opted for the Pad Si-Ew, a wonderful thick rice noodle dish with egg, chinese broccoli and I had it with chicken, in a wonderful sweet soy sauce. A big plate of noodles steaming noodles came out and they were so delicious I gobbled it up in minutes. The dish so was so flavorful, fresh and just good quality all around. The spring roll was nice and light and not too oily. The bill came and was around 8 or 9 dollars tax included, and it was included with the pleasant surprise of a small desert. I dont know what it's called but it tasted just like simple fried dough with some honey. Again, not too oily and a nice sweet hint to finish of a satisfying lunch.

I enjoyed my first trip to Thai Country Kitchen so much that I went back a week later to try some of their other dishes. Since my first trip, I have resisted the urge to keep ordering the Pad Si-Ew (it was that good) and have been able to try many of their dishes such as the appetizers satay, curry puff (which they describe as a Thai samosa) as well as their mango and green papaya salads. The mains yellow curry, Pad Woo-Sen (thin glass noodle dish), cashew chicken, Basil chicken and the eggplant tofu. Everything there I try, I love.

Im happy I tried this place despite it's lack of decor. I think it is much like flip toss thai kitchen. Both are committed to giving fresh, flavorful, authentic Thai food at both high quality and great quantity for a remarkably reasonable price. Although Thai Country Kitchen has a couple more unique dishes I have yet to find at other thai places. If you're in the Spadina and College area definitely stop in and try this place, you'll leave with a satisfied stomach and a smile.

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  1. Agree with the OP - what a delicious surprise! Ordered in from Thai Country Kitchen via - as I was tired of the usual suspects. We were really surprised by how tasty everything was. Each dish had its own unique taste - no generic "thai" flavours here. Portions were not very large, but adequately sized. Highly recommend the Pad Si-Ew mentioned above. Had it with beef. There was lots of beef and also a lot of green vegetable (spinach-like). The noodles had the right texture - not too hard and not mushy. Another standout was the Thai beef steak. It arrived tasting of the grill and lemongrass and was still pink in the middle and had a delicious and very spicy sauce accompanying it. The menu calls it "thai sauce", which does not do it justice. Even the wonton soup was excellent -full of flavour but not salty. My kids absolutely inhaled everything. This will be the new go-to Thai place at our house.