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Jun 25, 2011 09:10 AM

Rochester Public Market

The Public Market is the place to be on a Saturday morning! What are your favorite stands / stores?

Last weekend our family arrived hungry for breakfast. We split up and agreed to meet at Java's in 15 minutes. Here is what we returned with: Aalu Tikki (this is my favorite!), 2 potato patties covered in a spicy chickpea and vegetable stew. This from a tidy food truck with no official name parked in the big shed, serving some Indian dishes, breakfast sandwiches, hotdogs, and some creative hybrids involving Indian flavors. I love this stand! Also, a breakfast sandwich with Polish sausage and bacon on a soft bulky roll from Cherry's European (Polish Ukranian American). Sausage egg and cheese with Rochester style hot sauce (meat with warm spices) from Zimmermans. An omelet sandwich with onion and artichoke from one of the hot dog vendors who also does omelets. Lemon / raspberry and almond danishes from Flour City Bread Company. We usually get at least one empanada from Juan and Maria's Empanada Stop, but we skipped it this time. And I've heard good reviews of the paninis from the cheese shop. Next time!

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  1. Nice to see some love for the Public Market. Notwithstanding having just come from a graduation party where I ate ... um, vigorously, your write up made me hungry.

    I would second all of your choices and add the following for consideration: The Balogna Supreme from Zimmerman's (aka Heart Attack on a Bun - thick-cut, grilled balogna, a fried egg, cheese, and grilled onions); the bread (especially Pain Levain) from Flour City Bread Co; bread from the vendor who sets up in the C Shed (maybe called Small World Bakery?); olive oil from Giordano's (the cheese shop) or from Cosmio (in Java's); pirogis from Cherry's; and the breakfast empanada (egg, minced ham, minced sausage) from Juan & Maria's.

    Other than making a decision, my only dilemma at the Market is figuring out Cherry's operating hours.

    1. Do most of the places serving food open as early as the market or is mostly just the food stalls that early?

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        The market opens up at 5 AM on Saturdays. I was there once in the 5 o'clock hour, and it took a little while for the market to come to life. No crowds, though! I would say that the breakfast vendors are ready to go by 7 AM.

        Budgetrick, I am also a fan of the olive oil from Giordano's. Not only does it have a particularly nice flavor, but I like looking at the scrapbook of photos from the owner's olive grove in Italy! I might want to try the Bologna Supreme next time...I'll add it to the list! If I get to the market closer to lunchtime, I also like the pho at the Vietnamese place just outside of the market.

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          I stopped in this morning and had a big, sloppy, and delicious egg, cheese, and ham breakfast sandwich at Scott's stand. Wonderful. I was expecting to be serenaded by the cries of "Bo Nana, Bo Nana, Bo Nana" over my shoulder, but I maybe that leather-lunged barker only works on Saturdays. Or blew out his voice. The experience was thus not all it could have been, but the sandwich was still delicious.