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Jun 25, 2011 08:54 AM

Fun in Phoenixville - dinner then coffee and musci

Had a date night with DH last night, dinner at Molly McGuires, then coffee and music at Steel City Coffee. I know there are a few posts about great places in P'ville, but we'd never been.

inner - got a table on the upstairs patio, watching the sun set and drinking a hard cider - AWESOME. I would have been happy to stop there. We skipped the apps, nothing we HAD to have last night. On the waitress' recommendation, DH ordered the shepherd's pie and I had the Kilkenny Crackling Chicken (at least I believe that's the name - their website is not responding) with a side of colcannon potatos and house veggies. sigh. i was in heaven! The chicken was perfectly cooked, the juices that surrounded it blended beautifullly into the potato, a perfect sized portion. I wanted to lick my plate. DH's shepherds pie was equally yummy, it came with a slice of brown bread and one of irish soda bread. he happily cleaned his bowl of the dark rich gravy with the bread. service - the server gave good recommendations, but spilled an entire glass of water on to our table - thank goodness it fell between us on the mesh table top - one of us could have had a VERY wet lap! she was very apologetic and made up for it with her recommendations. :)

Coffee and music - Steel City is a great, funky little place. I had one of the best soy lattes I've ever had. We were a little bummed that we had to leave early and didn't get to hear the "headliner" act, but DH had an early morning today.

Conclusion - we'll def be back to P'ville, we have a list of other places we'd like to eat!

Sigh. *music* I must need more coffee. lol!

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  1. Lucky You our recent experience was the complete opposite. I had posted and was a bit over descriptive and it was pulled have not had time to repost with less detail.

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    1. Didn't realize they had an upstairs patio...will def give it a try on a Thursday night....won't venture into P'ville on a weekend! Parking, ugh!

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        I have had mediocre food at best at both of the Molly Maguires (Pville and Lansdale). You get a decent pint of guiness, and a large crowd, but I would hardly call Molly's a culinary destination. For irish food I would sooner go to the Shanachie in Ambler or into the city to one of a myriad of Irish/English bars.

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          I do like the colcannon better at Shanachie, but everything we had at MM was still delicious.

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            Sadly Shanachie went from pretty great to just about inedible. Dandylion downtown has some great pub grub despite the 'trying too hard' decor.

        2. I'm glad that you had a good time but I've found their food to be absolutely awful. Good beer list though! Steel City is a lot of fun and their food is better than Molly MacGuire's.

          1. Thanks for the info jujuthomas. It seems with Irish food that you either like it or you don't. Since I'm from the UK, I happen to like the food at Molly Maguires. Have only been to the Lansdale location, but plan to head to Phoenixville sometime this Summer and the outdoor deck sounds like a good spot for cocktails before dinner. I have a Groupon for Pepperoncini's. I have been to their Conshy location and the food is really good. Sounds like a week night or early evening would be best due to the parking issue. New Hope and Doylestown are the same way. Not enough parking for all of the restaurants in town.

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              Curly Girl, Glad to hear I'm not the only one who likes MM! <grin>

              I would absolutely recommend getting there early in the evening if you go to P'ville on a weekend... we arrived about 7 on Friday and there was still plenty of parking. In fact when we left at 9:45 or so there were empty spots in the lot... so perhaps the situation is improving, or we were there on a light night. :)

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                I like irish & British food but this wasnt a cultural difference in tastes in why I say MM was horrible. Food was plain Yuck (greasy, canned ingredients...and service was like a whirling dervish that never got anything done just ran about like a chicken with her head cut off and personable....NOT. The hostress was warm and welcoming but from there they crashed and burned.