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Can you find real Quebec-style curd cheese in Toronto?

Lots of places sell curd cheese in Toronto, but I've yet to find a place that does it right and serves it so fresh it squeaks on your teeth, like you can find everywhere in Quebec.

Anyone have a suggestion for me?


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  1. Find the closest small cheese factory. That's the only real solution. Curds don't travel well. They've always been a disappointment around the GTA because they're never that fresh.

    1. Try Artisan Cheese and Food Gallery, Royal York/Bloor area


      1. Look for places that bring in the curd from Black River, then find out when they get fresh shipments, squeaky goodness.

        Another tip, don't refrigerate the curds, they need to be at room temp to squeak properly. You'll notice the stuff you buy in Eastern Ontario and Quebec at gas stations and depanneurs is just sitting out on the counter near the cash.

        1. Culinarium gets in shipments of Black River curds from time to time. They have a dedicated mailing list to alert people when they're getting them in. Not quite the same as buying them directly from a cheese factory, but they are still nice and squeaky by the time they get them.

          705 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2N4, CA

          1. I think this was mentioned in a thread about poutine, but bears repetition here: the poutine sold at Costco, amazingly, uses curd brought from Quebec. And yet they don't sell it in the store part?! The poutine is so reasonably priced for a large portion (just over $4) that you could ask them to "hold the fries and gravy" and come out ahead, given the high price of curd.
            You needn't be a Costco member to get access to the food court within.

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              The curds are previously frozen, but that is a good idea. You could also ask them for a generous portion of curds, but on the side.

            2. Have you been to Taste of Quebec in the Distillery? I haven't shopped for cheese curds there but they specialize in incredible cheeses and artisinal products from Quebec. If anyone would have the curds you want, they probably would%3


              listing of some of the fromageries who supply them%3


              Even if you don't find the curds there, enjoy the other cheeses! :)

              1. The only place I've found anything even close is from the Wilton Cheese factory. It is a good two hour drive form Toronto but they make it fresh on site and it is warm and squeaky when you get it. I believe it is made fresh on Sunday's.

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                  Lived in KIngston years back and drove to Wilton for cheese and fresh curds often. IIRC fresh curds were a daily thing. About 3-3:30 in the afternoon you could watch curds being drained, salted, and bagged for the local crowd, while the rest got pressed up for cheddar.. Still warm, milky, and squeaky--pure heaven. Damn nice old cheddars, too. Unless it's grown dramatically, the cheese factory was one of only a couple of businesses in what passed for the village.

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                    I grew up in Kingston so this used to be a Sunday drive for us. It still brings back great memory anytime I go in there. The village is still the same tiny little place. I think there might be a chip truck there now as well. I always leave there with a giant bag of cheese for about $30. It isn't the most sophisticated but it always hits the spot for me.

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                      That's its charm. Wilton is really just a wide spot in the road. Partial to their cheese over Forfar which I hear no longer sells retail. Miss E. Ontario and its dinky towns and villages.

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                        My understanding with Forfar is the reverse, they are still running a retail store and selling other people's products at their location in the village of Forfar and they may be producing some cheese using rented capacity from another dairy (undisclosed but probably St. Albert), but they definitely closed the production dairy in 2008. Monforte bought some of their old equipment.

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                          Whatever. I think they're done--heard recently they had scuttled any plans to produce offsite.

                2. Have you tried Ruth at Monforte? I'm not sure if it's just goat and sheep curds, but they are experimenting with cow's milk now, though only in pasteurized products. Probably worth firing off an email in advance, rather than simply seeing what's in stock. She seems to have the most product at Brickworks, though she does put in appearances in many of the markets.

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                    I tried Monforte curds recently at the new Scadding Court Community Centre Live Local Marketplace. They were tasty but definitely not the real deal--no squeaking and very crumbly.


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                      That's a batch of stale curds. Max quality has a very short shelf-life.

                  2. I don't know about Toronto but Sobey's on Ira Needles Blvd. in Kitchener/Waterloo has real squeaky curd cheese from Quebec courrierred in every Friday.... well worth the drive!