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Jun 25, 2011 05:41 AM

*Good* coffee from north OC to Rehoboth?

I'm looking for GOOD coffee somewhere near the beach. Starbucks need not apply. What I would love is cafe grumpy-esque (nyc) but I'm guessing that is way out of reach.

Anyone know of any good solid places that serve all sorts of coffee and related drinks using self or locally roasted fresh beans? I've found a few places claiming a lot and delivering poor quality or following the mantra "sell till its gone, and steam the milk over and over to keep it frothy". Both of which end up delivering something well below where it could be.

Heck a place that has a decent breakfast that actually uses the proper amount of coffee in the filter or uses french presses would be fantastic.

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  1. The Bake Shop in Lewes on Second Street and The Point in Rehoboth on Rehoboth Avenue both roast their own beans.

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      A definite second for the Bake Shop in Lewes. When we go down to the beach in August, one of my first stops is the Bake Shop for coffee for the week. They have an incredible variety of beans.

      Also, befitting the name, they have very good baked goods too.