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Can I transform my leftover cream cheese frosting into something else?

I have about 1.5 cups of cream cheese frosting left over from making carrot cake cupcakes. It's been sitting in the fridge for a week now. Do you think it's still okay, and is there anything I can bake it into? I would rather not use it to frost anything else, or use it as sandwich filling. I guess I could freeze it. But ideally I'd like to use it as danish filling or turn it into a cheesecake or something similar. Any ideas?

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  1. I think frosting in the fridge for a week is just fine.

    I used to make these ALL THE TIME. If your cream cheese frosting sounds similar, you might give these a whirl. They're an old fave: Danish Almond Cream Rolls.

    Or you could fashion it into some sort of pastry ring. You'll see other recipes out there that might inspire.


    1. You could try it in between two thin slices of banana bread or as a spread on a few pieces! I love regular cream cheese on banana bread so I don't see why that wouldn't work!

      1. Maybe work it into a rugelach recipe?

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          that's a fantastically creative idea, but the ratio of sugar to cream cheese and butter in frosting is much higher than in a standard rugelach dough...could prove to be a tricky (but tasty!) experiment.

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            LOL, ghg. Perhaps one of those experiments one undertakes after one has been around too many herbs... :P

        2. I know people have mixed feelings about these, and it is neither Danish nor cheesecake, but you could make cake balls. The cream cheese frosting would pair nicely with most flavors of cake.

          1. You could make a batch of brownies and dot it with the frosting before baking. I think it would melt and bake together and be deliciously gooey.
            We used to add mini marshmellows to brownies as kids, and call them Radiaton Brownies. They were good.

            1. If you've not frozen it before and have concerns, I have frozen cream cheese frosting before (it was half butter half cream cheese) and it was excellent, just needed to be beaten again till smooth.

              1. Oreo Truffles? They might be a little sweet with your frosting, so you might want to go through the trouble of removing the cream in the middle first...


                1. i'd add an egg, maybe a little more vanilla depending upon how much you used, maybe a little granulated sugar, again depending upon sweetness, little lemon juice, then cake flour... enough til it's still pretty sticky and lose, but then let firm a little in fridge. bake 1 tbsp sized balls, slightly flattened, at 325 - 350 until golden. these are essentially the essence of my cheesecake cookies... also not sure about your ratio of butter to cream cheese... you might add just a bit more cream cheese to make sure they're tangy.

                  1. For both rugalech and pie crust I use 2 sticks butter to 1 14 oz bar cream cheese to 2 cups flour. I'd guess there's sugar in your recipe but I think it would still work well for a pie crust if you just added flour 1 cup per cup of frosting and rolled it out and let it chill.

                    1. I stumbled across this recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes the other day - they're topped with a cream cheese "syrup" that is basically just cream cheese frosting, heated up. A decadent Sunday breakfast?


                      1. You could freeze it for use later. I would line a pan with parchment paper spread the cream cheese frosting then freeze it. After cutting the frosting into cubes, I would make filled cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes (or zucchini or carrot or...?). Or I'd make two-tone brownies to eat right away.

                        1. It's basically just cream cheese, vanilla and sugar, right? I don't see why you couldn't add it into a cheesecake batter, or a regular cake batter, or pancake or waffle batter. Another thing you could do is to whir it up in the blender with fruit or fruit juice and freeze it into popsicles. It might also be nice to add to an ice cream base. Or you could whip it into mascarpone and use it for a tiramisu-type dessert or parfait.

                          1. I used some leftover homemade coconut frosting to make an absolutely awesome tropical dessert pizza in my wood fired oven the other day. Stretched dough round, a generous coating of frosting (warmed up in the micro to make spreadable) sliced fresh mango and strawberries, 90 seconds in the WFO. Bliss

                            1. if you have leftover carrots to use up as well, make Inside-Out Carrot Cake Cookies:

                              or use it to frost cinnamon rolls or zucchini bread. you could even fold in some peanut butter and use it to frost brownies.

                              other ideas:

                              1. Thanks for the advice! The high butter content of the frosting was exactly what I was worried about when thinking about baking, I should have clarified. I was inspired by the ice cream suggestion. Since our freezer doesn't have room for the ice cream maker bowl, I mixed some into a frozen fruit smoothie instead. My husband loved it and never guessed what the secret ingredient was!