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Jun 25, 2011 04:20 AM

Monday Lunch/Brunch near Capitol

I am being sworn into CT bar on Monday @1pm. Need somewhere to have lunch or brunch beforehand (don't have time afterwards). Can anyone suggest something thats open on Mondays for lunch or brunch thats near Capitol? Not familiar w/ the area so want it to be easy. I realize there are better dining options in West Hartford but can't be late....thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. my condolences to you. Firebox is a great restaurant 4 blocks from the courthouse- not really fast so I'd get there at 11:30.

    If you prefer Italian Peppercorns is also highly regarded, about a 3 Min. drive to courthouse.

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      ha! i know..i've been practicing in NY for 10 years...
      thank you! we will check it out!