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Jun 24, 2011 10:49 PM

Caterers of Indian cuisine in Halifax and surrounding areas?


I am wondering if anyone here knows of quality Indian caterers in and around Halifax.

My fiance and I are looking at a wedding venue near Lunenburg. The wedding is a mixed-ethnic affair, and we would like to serve Indian cuisine (with perhaps some non-Indian choices for some guests).

I have looked around and it seems that Nova Scotia has a dearth of Indian restaurants, with the only quality restaurant (AKA not fast food) being the Taj Mahal. However, we called them and they did not seem too friendly. They said we had two options : either fit people into their 60- person upstairs room at the restaurant itself or pick up the food ourselves the day of the wedding. That would require us to find equipment and independent servers on our own, which I don't even know is possible.

If Lunenburg is too far out, we might be willing to change the venue (we have not booked anything yet as they plan is for late summer 2012). However, we really like to have Indian food at the wedding. I'm beginning to think that we might not be able to have the wedding in Nova Scotia at all.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated!

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  1. Well, Lunenburg is about as lovely a place as you'll find in Nova Scotia, so it would be a shame to change the venue. Lunenburg does have several good restaurants with well-trained servers with experience in weddings (Fleur de Sel, Trattoria della Nonna) so it wouldn't be too hard to find three or four to work your wedding, probably at a reasonable cost.

    You might look into Curry Village in Halifax (which is at least on-par with Taj Mahal, in my opinion, and very friendly, if slightly disorganized), and it's entirely possible that one of your servers would be able to bring the food in for you — it would only be another two and a half hours' pay.

    So, I think this would be very do-able. Which venue are you looking at?

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    1. re: tempest in a teapot

      Thank you so much for the ideas! It's a great a help. And it is good to know that Curry Village is just as good as Taj Mahal. I read that CV was more of a fast food joint, so I was not sure whether it could be served at a wedding.

      We are currently looking at using Second Paradise Retreat for our wedding and reception venue, though we have just begun to plan. Any input would be greatly appreciated as we will be doing this blindly. We actually live in Ontario, but we used to live in Saint John and loved Atlantic Canada, so we wanted to have the wedding there. To make matters more difficult (of course!) we are going to by living in Dubai for nine months starting in September; most of the planning will be done from there.

      1. re: Yolagirl

        You might also think about checking into what The Salt Shaker Deli can do for you. I don't know whether they do much catering (we left Lunenburg two years ago), but the kitchen's capabilities and interests stretch far beyond pizza and bistro fare. She used to do a sushi night in the off-season and they've offered a variety of exotic-for-Lunenburg specialties in the past. Plus they're friendly, accommodating and close at hand, so it can't hurt to ask.

        Then again, Second Peninsula is so beautiful your guests might not even notice the food.

        1. re: tempest in a teapot

          Another great idea! Thank you! I may look into them for the second day's events. I think the "Western" wedding might be slightly more formal? It's all up in the air now really. We're pretty flexible. We just like good food.

        2. re: Yolagirl

          I would strongly advise you to eat at both the Curry Village and the Taj Mahal first and then decide. I rate the Taj very high but was very disappointed with the food at every level at Curry Village and have not been back for years. Perhaps they have improved but I reckon it would take new ownership to make the required radical change.

          1. re: chilibeanpaste

            Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure if we will make it there before we make a decision. I guess we'll just have to weigh costs, taste, and what they are willing to make. My fiance is Bengali, and the only restauranteurs that can serve Bengali meals that I know of are in Brampton, San Francisco (and probably Vancouver). So, those who care the most won't be getting their "home" food anyways. But I would like it to be at least a decent representation of some kind of Indian food.

      2. Try contacting people who sell their wares in the two famers markets.

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        1. re: simonathibault

          Thanks for the tip! That sounds like a good idea; unfortunately, we don't live in Nova Scotia, are currently in India, and will be moving to Dubai for nine months in August! So, we don't have much time in Canada before the wedding. I'm not sure if we will make it out to NS before the wedding. All of this might have to be done blindly.

          1. re: Yolagirl

            do you have friends who live in the city and may be able to get you business cards?
            where in India are you, if I may ask?

            1. re: simonathibault

              Now that you mention that, My sister has an old friend who I think is originally from Halifax. Maybe she has family there still? Hmm...good idea...

              And about the market sellers. I have not been to Halifax's markets, but I remember in Saint John, where we used to live, that all the Samosas sold in the market had a distinctly Persian flavour. We later found out that they were prepared and sold by an Iranian (ahem...Persian) family.

              We are in Kolkata right now...the foodie capital of India (well, at least historically).

              1. re: Yolagirl

                I agree with chilibean - a visit to either of those restaurants would help.Halifax doesn't have a great selection of indian restaurants.

                Food at the markets is passable at best - samosas,weak lassy and watery butter chicken. The former owner of Chicken Tandoor (now closed) sells spice mixtures and chutneys at the Old Farmers Market:


                She lives closer to Lunenburg and, at one time, her restaurant sold a great squash soup and good food. You may be able to contact her through the Market.

                1. re: Live_to_eat

                  Great. This information is very helpful. I may contact her.

        2. A new Indian restaurant opened in Bayer's Lake - Dhaba Express. The food is awesome! They do catering. 444-4411

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