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Jun 24, 2011 06:13 PM

Lucky Peach magazine

The first edition of David Chang's "Lucky Peach" magazine is now available at presumably all Momofuku spots. I picked up a copy at the Midtown Milk Bar for $10. At first glance, it seems full of content. This first issue is dedicated to ramen, a subject close to our hearts.

Don't sleep!

ps. I have no doubt that this post will be moved to some off off location. I'm posting here because David Chang is ours. He's a New Yorker. His restaurants are in New York. "Food Media" doesn't interest me, but food media by David Chang does.

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  1. I subscribed a couple of months ago, still waiting on my issue to arrive :(

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        1. re: DiningDiva

          My copy arrived today. I looked through it and started reading. So far I am really enjoying it. I hope all their issues are this interestingh

      1. I read some coverage on the mag, I guess I really should get a copy!
        East Village Eats

        1. I can't find it! I guess I'll have to stop in at Milk Bar next week, but I've been unable to find it at any of the newsstands—even the really good ones that have a bazillion versions of VOGUE.

          1. I stumbled across it at my local Target (in Texas,lol) of all places while picking up fashion mags to flip through over the long weekend.
            Love it!! It has a very fresh and edgy feel, a lot different than other food magazines.
            The $10 price tag is worth it, it's a hefty read.
            Hope you all have some luck in finding it soon. If not, then hit up some obscure Target, you just might get lucky!


              Suscribe for $28.00 (6 issues) here; 1st issue is already on back order but still avail.

              How many CH's will be irked by the use of the word "foodie" to describe readership of Lucky Peach? (smirk).