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Jun 24, 2011 05:45 PM

There's New Mexico Chile and then there's New Mexico chile.

I lived in New Mexico for all of the 70's and grew to love New Mex style chile. For years now, living in Maine, I'd order boxes of New Mexico dried chile pods from Hatch and when Hatch became "in" and expensive, from Deming. I spent the last year (and am returning) in New Mex. and chile heaven. I'm back in Maine for the summer and just this evening made some Sonoran style, stacked red chile enchiladas. I bought dried chiles , Hot New Mexico", pods at the grocery store. I made my chile as always, filling the blender w/ chile pod and pouring boiled water over them, blending and then adding to fried,diced pork and garlic. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. The chile was a dark red/brown, instead of bright earth red, and hot it is not. I guess my point is Chile Heads beware and get the chile from the source and not at the supermarket. I guess when I stop learning, I'm in the obits. Comments?

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  1. I've done that. After many years of living with and learning from a roommate from Albuquerque I grew obsessed over Hatch chiles, both green and red.
    Her parents used to send us freshly roasted chiles in the Fall for us to keep in the freezer. Posole was only an afternoon away with that gold on hand.
    In the last couple of years I've been able to get green Hatch chiles in the late Summer to roast and put away for the year. Thank goodness.
    Every other batch I made with NM chiles from the Mission, or WF or wherever just couldn't compare.
    And, dang! That is some expensive mail-order!

    1. There's a major difference in the soil, water, and sun. There is nothing like real chiles from the source.

      1. I've never been to New Mexico, something I'd like to rectify sooner rather than later. Though I hear it gets a tad warm there during the summer when I am usually available to travel.

        Part of me appreciates the idea that you can't just get great food of all kinds and stay put in one place. Going to the source always has been and always will be the only way to experience some things. Pride of place.

        1. Hatch New Mexico Chile Roasting is going on today and tomorrow Sat and Sun Aug 6 and 7th 2011, at the
          Northgate Market
          2633 Santa Ana St.
          South Gate, CA 90280
          (323) 277-3000
          Free Roasting $29.99 a bag..
          I got my two bags and going back for more.

          1. Back in NM. Direct from the Alb. Sunport to The Frontier and green chile stew. Yesterday, a hat trick; red chile menudo for breakfast, red chile enchilada for lunch and green chile enchilada for supper.

            Hatch chile roasters all over the place, Smith's, Wally World, street-side vendors, etc. Ninty pounds for the freezer.

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              For those of us who can't make the trek to NM, is there a particularly good online source you can recommend?

              1. re: CindyJ

                I have ordered green chiles from a place called Berridge Farms the past few years. I was quite pleased with the peppers - 10 pounds of Big Jims.

                It's always exciting when they arrive, as I typically place the order in May to get a discount price. By the time the mailman brings the box in mid-August, we're very ready for them. Besides, my tomatoes are ready to meet them then. NM chiles & NJ tomatoes make good eatin'.

                1. re: MGZ

                  My brother used to ship them to me.

                2. re: CindyJ


                  I buy the frozen roasted green chilis. I'm waiting for the new crop to be be available before I re-stock. I also have a few jars of this on hand for quickies:


                  There's nothing like the real thing. It's like tasting store-brand cheddar compared to artisan cheddar.