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Jun 24, 2011 04:42 PM

Rainier cherries -- how about your best thoughts?

I've pitted and frozen a bunch for later. We've munched them out of hand. I made a cherry clafoutis. Now I'm out of ideas but I bet you've got some. Let 'er rip!

Recipes appreciated.

BTW, if you do a clafoutis are you of the pit 'em or leave the pits in for additional flavor school?

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  1. Other than usual pies, jams, etc, I can say that if you have a really good supply of them, they also make for a _very_ nice infused brandy or vodka.
    Put the cherries in a large jar (like a gallon pickle jar)...I like to cut and pit the cherries...cover with vodka or brandy, seal, and let infuse for as long as you can keep your mitts off of the potion. Some folks sweeten it a bit, but I personally think that ruins it.

    It's a beautiful sipper especially a few months or more down the line.

    1. Agree on the cherry vodka. Also recomend this but only know how it is with sours.

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        Sounds very similar to the recipe I used for clafoutis but with different proportions of butter, milk and flour. Probably creamier. Which could be nice.

      2. Someone on another thread mentioned cooking the pits in water to extract the almondy essence which can then be added to baked goods. There is also the spice mahleb, which is, AFAIK, made from cherry pits.

        1. - Patricia Wells' Cherry-Almond Gratin
          - chocolate-covered cherries
          - sorbet or ice cream
          - chutney or compote
          - turnovers

          other ideas:

          1. This looks like a lovely thing to spoon onto plain greek yogurt...and it's sooo pretty.