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Jun 24, 2011 04:06 PM

Recent eats [Melbourne & Yarck]

Tea Rooms of Yarck – Yarck
What an awesome country restaurant this place is. With 2 AGFG Hats I thought there was no way we would get a booking for 5 with a days notice. Wrong! Yarck is a small town of about 15 buildings and this gem is one of them. The menu is heavy on Italian flavours with Pizza available. I ordered crumbed rabbit with fennel and mandarin salad for entree and their fabulous slow cooked pork roast for main. The pork was so rich and fatty it was more like a dessert, I highly recommend it. The crackling was a real treat, too. I didn’t have dessert but managed to find room for a chocolate cannoli! For 5 of us with only 1 bottle of wine (a delicious Barbera – Italian of course) it came to under $500. Only problem is it is a few hours drive from Melbourne, great if you have family members in Euroa, though ;)

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Huxtable – Collingwood
I finally got to Huxtable… the only problem was I didn’t mean to. Boire was closed and I had to find somewhere quickly. On a Thursday night they were certainly busy, however, they fitted us in at the bar. This will become one of my locals for sure. For nibbles (while I waited for my very late Girlfriend) I snacked on freshly shucked moonlight bay oysters and a cheese and jalapeño croquette. When she finally arrived we ordered pumpkin and chickpeas, lamb with silver beet and balsamic jus and roasted brussel sprouts…. all were top notch but maybe the brussels were a little over done. We split a delicious upside down quince cake with cinnamon crumble for dessert. The bottle of Argentine Grenache I polished off was great, however, I was having too much fun to write it down… The place reminded me a lot of Cumulus but with a real Collingwood vibe.


Ladro – Fitzroy
Before DOC became my regular pizza place, I’d hit Ladro normally a couple of times per month. I found their pizza was dropping off and not hitting the standard the once did. Anyway, I can happily report that things are back up to scratch. I was with a large table and we tried one of all the Primi Patti … but really It was about the pizza. My love affair with Pizza for Otto (Rocket, Capers, Anchovies and Speck) is back on. The pizzas are smaller however, it feels like they have increase the density of the toppings. My girlfriend had the roast of the day, which was quail… It was top notch. Glad to be back!


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  1. Great report - Tearooms of Yarck is related to Da Noi and I loved Da Noi, so I have high hopes for the Tea Rooms, now we just have to hire a car and deal with traffic.

    So do you like Ladro better than DOC? I love DOC, for the pizza, but also for the feel of the place. Haven't been to Huxtable. We are currently fond of The Commoner - the food is good and they are doing some special meals as well. They did a mushroom forage and cooking outing recently.

    Meanwhile I'm wintering in Hobart which is suddenly a lot emptier not that the weather has changed. Tonight we are trying Piccolo. Had breakfast at Jackman McRoss in Battery Point which is my favorite bakery, sadly the coffee is bad.

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      DOC has the edge, in my mind. However, the Pizza for Otto is really special!

      I used to go to the Commoner for their Sunday roast but I had a couple of disappointing breakfast experiences there and haven't really wanted to head back.