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McKinnon style butcher in Jamaica Plain?

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Hi there,
I used to live near Davis Square, and loved getting my meat goods at McKinnon's. I've moved to JP now. It seemed the equivalent is Meatland. I went there a few days ago in the afternoon, and was a tad confused. They didn't have minced pork, or even a large range of pork parts. Their range of chicken parts were limited (I didn't see any chicken tenders, and the fowl I bought was from the freezer). Their steaks looked interesting but I eat quite a bit of pork and chicken as well.

So first question, what's your favorite meat shop in or near JP? It needs to be public transport accessible for me unfortunately.

Secondly, was I missing something when I went into Meatland? Is there a trick to shopping there for the things I eat regularly? Pork mince, pork fillets, chicken tenders?

Thanks :)

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  1. Don't think we have a full service butcher in JP other than Meatland (which I've never been to), but if you want good pork go to Plaza Meat Market on Boylston. He gets a local whole hog in every Thursday.

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      How about Tony's Meat Market in Roslindale Square?

    2. I LOVE Tony's and use it for the excellent butchering and high quality of the meat. However, it's nothing like MacKinnons, which offers excellent prices on good (not great) meat. I haven't found a facsimile for MacKinnons and still trek over occasionally. Meatland is OK but not in Tony's league.

      1. Not too many butcher shops in JP area, so I joined the Stillman Farms meat CSA. They deliver to JP.

        1. On second thought, if you go over to Coolidge Corner in Brookline, the Meat House is a really cool place with tons of cuts of meat.

          The Meat House
          1285 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

          1. http://www.eversave.com/boston/mckinn...

            Did you see this - not a new spot - but a deal for your favorite

            1. If you are close to Forest Hills one possible option is Puritan Beef and then hopping on the Orange line at Haymarket. They have a wide selection of pork, a lot of beef (although not the same marinated and grilling options as McKinnon's), but much less chicken (they sell a lot of turkey though). Its quick enough that depending on the day you might be able to do it without a cooler. I suggest avoiding it during Haymarket hours, you will get better service and be careful of the meats in the display cooler which are occasionally not so great (I tend to ask for pieces from the walk-in). Prices aren't as good as McKinnon's, but they carry some things McKinnon's doesn't (pork belly, cap on top sirloin butt, etc). You can also walk to Chinatown do some additional chicken a pork shopping at Cmart and pickup the train there.

              Lord Jeff's is closer to what you are looking for on that side of town, but the only public transport option is a fairly long bus followed by a walk. Probably too much of a hassle and definately something where you would want some kind of cooler on warm days. Price Rite in Hyde Park is probably bus reachable and might have a subset of what you want, dunno only been to the ones in Revere and Lynn.

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