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Jun 24, 2011 03:12 PM

Chipotle....What's Good Here?

Swung by for the first time and went generic:

Chicken burrito, rice, black, salsa, cheese.

I will admit the chicken was excellent, but overall, I was not impressed with the burrito. The overall flavor seemed comparable to regular burrito joints or taco trucks.

I figure I just got the wrong combo or missed a sauce or something. So what's best to get here in the future to have a really great burrito?

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  1. Chipotle has a lot of haters on this board, so I am sure they will pipe up soon. So I wanted to post before that happens.

    But I really like the place. It's not Mexican food by any stretch, but just a good, solid "Americanized" version.

    That said, I get the bowl. Those tortillas have an insane amount of calories and not much flavor. I get the rice, pinto beans (that's key because they are cooked in pork and you can totally taste it.), roasted corn salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.

    If I feel like eating meat, I get the chicken. But that's rare.

    The roasted corn salsa is amazing and that flavor combined with the porkiness of the beans is what keeps me coming back.

    1. I like carnitas with corn salsa. Everything else there is kind of meh to me.

      1. My usual order from Chipotle is a carnitas bowl with black beans or pintos, pico de gallo, green salsa, and cheese. Their guacamole is pretty decent for a fast food joint, too. If I don't get a carnitas bowl, I get a barbacoa bowl.

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        1. re: Chimayo Joe

          It's the barbacoa and green salsa for me, too. The problem with this place, aside from authenticity (or lack thereof), is that they stuff too much rice and beans in the burrito with very little meat which is how they make their money.

          1. re: mucho gordo

            Just ask for less rice and beans. I always tell them I want half the normal amount. You can also get double meat for like a buck fifty.

            1. re: twyst

              Wherever I get a burrito, it's always "meat and hot sauce only"l no beans, rice or other filler to overpower the meat flavor.

            2. re: mucho gordo

              You're just now figuring out what burritos are about? They don't operate any differently than any other burrito joint. As for stuffing "too much" of anything in a product that's made while you watch -- speak up.

              1. re: ferret

                I know they don't, ferret. See my response to twyst above.

          2. I watch carefully while they are stuffing my grilled chicken burrito.

            Chicken, I don't get extra. I nicely ask them to let the black beans drain, because the burrito gets soggy. Then I get rice (normal amount), I get the pico de gallo (not sure that's the correct name, but it's the chunky salsa. I love the corn on it and lettuce. I just get a sprinkle of cheese. That's it.

            1. I am not a Chipotle 'hater' but our local branch is really skimping on the rice and beans lately and the last 2 times I went the 'bowl' was barely full and was mostly sour cream. Even standing on line and watching what they put in the bowl didn't really help, almost all of us were asking for more rice and beans as the server really didn't put more than a tablespoon of either into people's burritos or bowls.

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              1. re: smartie

                With sour cream being more expensive than either rice or beans, someone needed a little more training.