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Whenever "X" Happens, I Always Eat "Y" - More Unique Examples

I had a conversation with a friend the other day who basically stated they always had a hot dog when they were at a baseball game. From my experience, that's somewhat standard practice with many.

Another thing is my personal bit of whenever I fly on a plane, I always have ginger ale, a habit which I found out was more common than I thought. I didn't even know of the calming digestive effects it has for some, but for me it just became a habit almost out of nowhere.

What I was wondering if any of you had any more unique examples of this notion. For example, if I have a beef hamburger, it's almost always a gourmet versus a fast-food variety as I don't eat burgers much at all these days. However, when I attend park picnics where they're grilling standard frozen burger patties over BBQ pits and using standard buns, I'll always opt for a burger as long as they have things like lettuce, pickles, onions and mustard to top it off.

Another one for me is a family tradition of sorts that developed over the years - whenever it's New Year's Day, the family would steam up and eat palitaw, a Filipino rice cake dessert. There's nothing really that I can find that would link this dessert to New Year's Day, but for the most part that's the only day during the year when we steam up a batch..

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  1. Yes I only ever seem to have tomato juice or a Bloody Mary on a plane. I only ever think about these when I fly so there must be a subconscious association but I don't know why.

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      Me too! Well, the tomato juice, not the Bloody Mary. I make it a point not to drink on planes (which I guess is the opposite of what the OP asked), not because I am teetotal but because I witnessed firsthand a colleague in career-limiting hammered mode after only a couple of drinks on a plane once. I believe alcohol affects some people more at altitude but I have no intention of experimenting to see if I am one of them :-).

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        Me three, although it's a Virgin Mary.

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            It's because 21 years ago, you all watched When Harry Met Sally. The scene where Meg Ryan makes a very complicated order of a Bloody Mary while on an airplane imprinted itself.

            Or anyway, that's why I get cravings for Bloody Marys on airplanes.

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              "Do you have any Bloody Mary mix? No, wait. Here's what I want. Regular tomato juice, not too much ice, and fill it up about three quarters. Add a splash of Bloody Mary mix - just a splash - and a little piece of lime...but on the side."

              i'll never understand how people drink tomato juice or alcohol when they fly. i chug water the entire time, and i'm still dehydrated when i get off the plane.

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          I always order tomato juice because I'm too poor to buy actual food on a plane. It's reasonably tasty and almost like a meal.

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            The ordering of tomato juice on a airplane has always fascinated me. It was something I noticed years ago and now I pay attention to drink orders around me when flying. Outside of an airplane, I have never seen or heard of anyone ordering tomato juice as a drink.

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              I too frequently choose tomato juice when I fly. There was an interesting study examining how the perception of tomato juice taste actually changes due to the different pressure experienced while flying.


            2. The baseball thing is universal. How often do people normally eat cracker jacks? I wouldn't even know where to find them, haha.

              Whenever I have a stomach ache or feel one coming on, I drink chocolate milk or a coffee milkshake.

              I basically dislike gravy, because I always feel it's covering something up and I always keep it as far away from things like mashed potatoes and stuffing (dressing). Whenever it's Thanksgiving, I always seem to pour it on involuntarily.

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                I doubt this is unnique, but when I get stressed, I want chocolate. Good chocolate.

              2. When my husband used to work retail, I'd always make macaroni and cheese for myself on the nights he worked late and I was alone till 10 or 11.
                Sometimes Kraft, sometimes the traditional baked version, sometimes just pasta and whatever cheese I had in the fridge, sometimes the salty squeeze-cheez kind.
                I don't know why, it just got to be a habit. Maybe to give myself a break from thinking about what to fix for dinner for a change.

                1. I'm realizing most of mine are related to junk food--eg. when I go to a fair/amusement park, I have funnel cake. When it's Christmas morning, I make cinnamon rolls. After I do a long race, I have a burger.

                  1. If it snows , I make yeast-risen rolls (cinamon buns or stickies)

                    My Mom always did it, so I do too. I think it has something to do with being off work and having plenty of time to wait for the yeast to rise. (oh yeah...in SC we don't drive when it snows)

                    1. When flying, it's Coca-cola even though I despise the stuff. I cannot fly and drink Pepsi anymore than I can be on the ground and drink Coca-cola. Go figure THAT one out.
                      When at the local County Fair, I HAVE to have Art Ibleto's Pesto, elotes with margarine, lemon and parmesan, Tom-Thumb donuts, teensy cinnamon rolls drenched with creamy, lemon/cinnamon-scented frosting, and what me and my BFF call a Dirty Old Man Margarita, which consists of us getting regular margies in the Olde Mexico Pavilion and then traipsing up to the carnitas stand whose ownder, Pappacito, is known far and wide to keep several bottles of lovely things under his counter, whish he dishpenshes freely and fo' free after he'sh been working a few hours.......
                      When I have my period, I must have salty and sweet things, pref. at the same time. Hershey's chocolate and microwave popcorn are always available and utilized, but on a good month when I have my s*** together it's a classy selection of Toblerone and Carmello bars, which to me are the last word in cheap luxury, and some micro. corn from Wild Oats, which I eat to keep my little conscience in some kinda check. Which corn I freely drench in melted butter and lots of crunchy salty salty kosher crystals. : )
                      When on my couch (7/8 of the time these days, either reclining or sitting up to read, with a hotpad and various liquids at hand) I must always have something crispy to eat and shake out of the slipcover later.
                      When I am mad, after? TRUE? I always, always crave red meat. Some people like to fight and then fu**. I like to fight and then go out for prime rib.

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                        The first snowfall of the season requires chili. Any kind will do, but I have to make cornbread with it...and not the fancy stuff. Jiffy mix.

                      2. 1. When I fly, I go for the tomato juice, which I rarely drink at any other time. I think it's about the honest vegeable taste of tomato being an antidote to the artificial airplane air.

                        2. On my way home from an ophthalmologist appointment, waiting for my pupils to recover from having been dilated, I like to have miso soup. This I can't explain. It just feels good.

                        1. When my sweetie is eating elsewhere, I have mushrooms.
                          They make him sick, and I love them.

                          1. Spaghetti bolognese after the first snowfall.
                            Flying results in soda water, which I generally don't consume unmixed on the ground.

                            1. when there's a snowstorm, I always have homemade pizza (well my grandmother made it...I only know how to order it)

                              1. I must have a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee on route to the beach. i don't even much care for their coffee. My sister is also guilty of this.

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                                  It really makes sense. One, you're getting up wicked early to go to the beach, hence the coffee. Also, it's hot out, so of course you want it iced. Although I agree that DD coffee is not great. Or maybe it's that they never ever make your coffee the way they want it.

                                2. Well, I recently craved & baked the chocolate brownies I used to make all the time, for the first time in years. I had thought I was over chocolate, strongly preferring fruit desserts. Maybe the ladies can figure this one out (hint: I have a one year old child who is still breastfeeding. Things didn't return to normal until right around the time I got the craving).

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                                    I hated both milk and chocolate until I was nursing. Then I had MAD cravings for both. The milk craving went away after about 6 months. The dark chocolate stayed for about 2 years. Now I'm pregnant again and neither appeal. Hormones.

                                  2. In-N-Out Burger when driving to the mountains. There's one a mile away from my house that I have never been to, but every snowboarding trip must include an In-N-Out stop.

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                                    1. re: cookie monster

                                      For me it's In-n-Out after every day of paintball!

                                    2. In my younger reprobate decades, whenever my "bases were loaded" with full odds with black, pink, and yellow chips at Vegas craps tables, and I could keep the dice for 10 delicious more minutes, I always got off the strip and decompressed at Piero's with a mountain of stone crabs and DP or Cristal. I would phone ahead and it would all be ready. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

                                      1. I drink a beer when I get menstrual cramps. Idk what the science is (kidneys??) but it kills cramps dead and I can usually regain the day. I keep meaning to try alcohol free cuz at times a single beer is enough to get me tipsy. Doesn't make for a very productive day when you gotta sleep off the buzz, lol

                                        1. Always a hotdog and beer at a ball game - a national custom. When going to the theater we almost always have a couple of vodka martinis and a cheeseburger seated at the bar in Joe Allen's. And whenever there is a death in the family I know there will be baked ziti.

                                          1. Anything with melted cheese when my wife is away - she hates the stuff!

                                            1. I always get a churro when I go to Disneyland (I grew up in Southern California, and we went there pretty often). I don't really think about them when I'm not at Disneyland, but as soon as I hit the park it's like some "I need a churro" bell goes off. Guess that's what they call a context-specific memory effect!

                                              I can't think of many other foods like that, except for whenever tomatoes or strawberries are in season, I eat all the tomatoes or strawberries I can find.

                                              1. if X=travel, then Y=at the city's best ice cream or gelato shop. its the best way to judge a city's worth

                                                if X=i workout, then Y=oatmeal with a scoop of protein, some cocoa powder, and some espresso powder

                                                if X=student loans come in (finally!), then Y=salmon

                                                if X=we finish another semester of classes, then Y=somewhere new with a big group!

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                                                  if X=travel, then Y=at the city's best ice cream or gelato shop. its the best way to judge a city's worth
                                                  every been to Australia or New Zealand? i don't know how i'd choose the best - their dairy is so amazing that you can get fantastic gelato & ice cream EVERYWHERE.

                                                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                    this sounds like one of the most fantastic dilemmas i can imagine.

                                                2. If you have an upset stomach at a dinner/wedding/party...sip peppermint schnapps. That's what my father always said to do. Peppermint soothes a bad stomach and I guess it's generally stocked at function bars?

                                                  1. At our house we have to have Seven-Up or ginger ale when we feel sick. Also, orange juice appears in the fridge. (I don't generally buy orange juice.) Mr. Sueatmo like to mix them to settle his stomach.

                                                    When I get up in the morning, no matter what, sick or well, rushed or not, I have to have a cup of coffee. Brain is not functional until after that first cup. Anything I do while the coffee brews is strictly well-worn habit. Today Mr. Sueatmo reminded me that he wouldn't be having coffee this morning. Five minutes later I handed him a cup of coffee. (I hadn't had my first sip yet.)

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                                                      If I am sick I drink Ginger ale, only! Stirred to flatten a little. Jello is only for sickness too, as are saltines.

                                                      For my SO, if he feels like he is going to faint he has to cool down and eat an iced oatmeal cookie.
                                                      Jimmies of Savin Rock mean fried shrimp and a lobster roll.
                                                      Ordering pizzas at Pepe's or Modern mean smalls only , where in general we order large everywhere else.
                                                      Going to a diner mean chocolate milk, unless I know it is crappy.
                                                      If cottage cheese is offered as a side dish anywhere you must order it. Prime rib and apple cider appetizer was a must if you went to Dog Team Tavern. Cheese balls (like Planters in the can) at the beach.

                                                    2. When my stomach is upset, I try to find something with ginger. Lately it's been these little uncrystallized ginger chews from Trader Joe's, but ginger tea works too.
                                                      When I'm hungover, I always eat an egg and bean burrito with hot sauce from my favorite taco shop.
                                                      When I'm stressed, I always crave carbs. Like I must have a peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese, pasta, a good loaf bread.

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                                                        when i'm stressed i normally crave oatmeal or shrimp n grits. or possibly chick-fil-a.

                                                        when i'm homesick, i crave tex-mex. and i'm not from texas or of hispanic decent. its just my mom's go-to thing when she cooks. that woman loves her cilantro

                                                      2. Whenever I end up on oral steroids (which happens a lot, severe asthma here), I end up picking one thing and eating it over and over and over. Last time it was nachos with beans. Time before that it was cheesy grits. Always seems to involve cheese. Maybe because cheese is delicious.

                                                        1. when persimmons are in season, i eat one every afternoon.
                                                          when orange fleshed honeydew are in season, eat some every night.

                                                          when i'm too tired to eat (the thought of chewing is arduous), i eat courses of vegetables (generally well-cooked).

                                                          when i go for sushi, i always have albacore sashimi (if it's already seared, then ahi) and some riceless handrolls with a variety of fish. but always sashimi and riceless handrolls.

                                                          when i have to be up before the fireflies have gone to bed, i always craze a diet 7-up or diet Sprite by 8-9 am.. something about the fizz.

                                                          1. Whenever I fly, I drink tomato juice which I NEVER drink otherwise. I dont even like bloody marys.
                                                            When I am sick, I eat progresso Chickarina soup. My mom tells me it was my first "solid" food and I've loved it ever since, to the extent that my boyfriend now knows which bodegas in my neighborhood carry it in case he is sent out at midnight for some.
                                                            When I am sad, I eat Pastina with salt and butter. This was my "comfort food" as a little kid and was frequently what my mom made me as a snack if we were having a "girls afternoon." I still love the indulgence.
                                                            When I am traveling for work and on my way to a client, I have a sausage mcmuffin. Something about it feels acceptable when your 1000 miles from home,
                                                            When it is a billion degrees outside, I eat feta cheese and olives. Sort of a heavy food for hot weather, but I crave it for some reason.
                                                            When I'm throwing a dinner party on the cheap, I cook linguine with clam sauce with $15 worth of fresh clams. People rave about it, its a ton of food, and it soaks up all that wine we've already drank ;)

                                                            I am so predictable, I could go on forever...

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                                                              As to the feta cheese and olives in hot weather.... you're probably sweating, so losing salt. Therefore, you crave something salty, and feta cheese and olives are two deliciously salty items :)

                                                            2. When I am sick, definitely gingerale (and not flat, as some people do, but fizzy), saltines, and jello. The first real meal after being sick is roast chicken, usually with rice cooked in chicken stock. I know all that goes back to childhood.

                                                              When my husband is away, my son and I have pancakes for dinner. That's a simple one. My husband really doesn't like pancakes, especially at dinnertime.

                                                              1. whenever i see them and they look super fresh, i buy whole rainbow trout. then i grill them on a plank with some lemon and dill, and eat the whole thing to myself. it was the first fish i ever liked and is still my absolute favorite. dang i love those things.