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Jun 24, 2011 01:29 PM

San Diego Strawberries

This is interesting -

It seems like some guy up in Oceanside has developed a method to grow strawberries using a blimp-like wind tunnel. Now, I'm not being snarky. If you think about the implications this could have for San Diego agricultural communities if it is indeed as effective as the guy in this video claims, it could have a pretty substantial impact on our local organic farming operations. Kind of like technology meets innovation meets old fashioned farming.

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  1. I'm curious as to his logic behind the "wind improves the plants photosynthesis, making the fruit more flavorful and nutrient rich." I thought photosynthesis depends on light, not wind/oxygen.

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    1. re: daantaat

      Maybe it is more the green house effect being circulated is what speeds the process. And it sounds like this somehow keeps the bugs away....which is the problem I always have with strawberries...damn bugs! This is super cool!!! I live in Oceanside, so it is cool to me to see something organic and progressive coming out of my town!

      1. re: LadyGuise

        I believe the reason this prevents the bugs from getting at the strawberries is that by its very nature the enclosure is always kept at a positive pressure. Thus any hole or exit from the enclosure will always have a steady breeze that the bugs will have to work against to get inside.

        On the intake side any strawberry crazy bug will have to first survive the fans, then somehow get past the mesh screen that separates the fan from the rest of the enclosure.

      2. re: daantaat

        Photosynthesis depends on light but also oxygen, CO2, water as well as other chemical components inside the plant. What basically is going on is that they are helping the plant be more efficient in creating fruit, decreasing the stress of the plant so it can be more flavorful.