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Jun 24, 2011 01:07 PM

New in Woodside; pretty ambitious!

Roosevelt and 64th.

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  1. They've been closed the last several times I've gone by, so I think they might have already shut down. I ate there once and was served raw momos - no apology and no action taken by the owner when I pointed it out. The "C" grade they received from the DoH is probably pretty accurate, I'm sad to say. I want nothing more than for a good local business to succeed, but to this one, I say "good riddance" and hope that something better takes its place soon.

    1. Ama ko Bhaancha Ghar: That's what the Hindi lettering on the sign reads.

      It seems to refer to both a well-known restaurant in Nepal ( and a mother's home (ama ko ghar).

      Does anybody with better Hindi/Nepali language skills know if I got that right?

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      1. re: CitySpoonful

        You got it!
        Ama = mother
        Ko = of (denotes possession)
        Bhanchhaghar = kitchen

        I'm not sure if they're trying to refer to the place in Nepal though, since it's a pretty generic name.