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Bermuda...Tribe Road Kitchen is...(aka The Barefoot Baker)

FINALLY OPEN and may I say...about time, it is worth the walk no matter where you are located...get there and get you some of her tasty yummies.

I had the cheddar cheese scone this AM, last Saturday Cranberry and Orange Scone

And yes, going again this Saturday AM, my friends and I are going to make this a Saturday Morning habit...they also do lunch!!

Thursday's Lunch Was...

•Italian style pasta salad w/olives, artichokes & Arugula w/ a Balsamic vinaigrette.
•Mexican Panini w/Black beans, corn, cheese, with a spicy tomato drip served on house made foccia.
•Cadillac BLT with avocado.
•Asian chicken salad served on a bed of greens
•Middle eastern chickpea salad on mesclun greens.
• Cuban Midnight press

Go Enjoy, have Fun, and check out her Chef's Garden along the lawn games...

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    1. i am so glad to hear it! She's a dear friend of mine from when we lived there - when I visited last month, she was telling me her plans for happy hours and grilling in the garden. I can't wait to get back and check it out! Thanks!

      1. Athena, it's on the corner of Reid and King Streets, right on the east edge of Hamilton, just down the hill from the fire station and the pool supply place.

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          Thanks – I Googled and found her FB page with the location - I know exactly where it is now!

          1. re: Athena

            It's the old derelict building on the Reid St. Extension across from the Swan Building. I can't wait to try it, I've been eyeballing them since I saw a gentleman sweeping outside last week. Definitely on this week's hit list!

        2. BGG, they're open Saturdays? I thought the sign board said M-F 7 to 4.

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            They ARE Open Saturdays!!
            See you Saturday!
            The Garden area is nice just to sit in and enjoy your coffee like we did last Saturday, there are some lawn games too!

            Future plans...outdoor Pizza Oven, so they can have Happy Hours on Fridays!

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              Ooohhhhhh....finally someone who can do a proper pizza!!!! And if they do HH on Fridays, so awesome as I'm gonna end up working that end of town in the future!

              See you Saturday hopefully...thought you might be getting ready for all the tourneys coming up!

              1. re: bdachow

                still getting ready for the tournys!
                Gonna be a busy and tasty summer!

            1. Just got back from lunch and so desperately in need of a nap now. The DP and I split a Cuban press sandwich, fish sandwich and the Thai rice salad. Lunch items are in the $11-$13 range. The rice salad was the best, nice and refreshing with good hits of cilantro and basil, not sure if it's authentic in namesake but whatever, it was darn tasty! Fish sandwich had good flavour but unfortunately, suffered from being pre-assembled so the fish batter was soggy.

              Baked goods range from $2-$4, including croissants, cinamon rolls, cupcakes and brownies.

              There was quite a steady stream of people and I'm glad that they're off to a wonderful start. Incidentally, Ben Tompkins, who occasionaly teaches at International Imports was in the kitchen, love him to pieces so was extremely pleased to see him in his new venture!

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                Did my first visit and liked what they have done to the place. It was busy with a certain crowd and several young'uns. Agree with the fish sandwich. I didn't realize it had been pre-assembled or I would have tried something else. Nice idea, but the slaw made it all a little soggy. Kirsten let us try her chocolate brownies -rich and delish. The main things to look out for here will be the fresh baked pastries/pies/breads. I am from the school that for $10-13 a sandwich should be made fresh. Saw Ben as well, so this is a family operation! Wish them best of luck.

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                  I forgot to mention, I went back Saturday morning...all I have to say is maple glazed bacon donuts....enough said...


                  Yes, the peach scone was really nice, croissant was meh. Seems like no one can do a proper shattery, layered, buttery croissant. I will have to survive off my memories of Paris. The unsweetened passionfruit iced tea was delicious. It was busy when we went, lots of families popping in and out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do well.

                  Look for them on Facebook to get their daily menu.

                  1. re: bdachow

                    Stayed Tune ... TRK it still trying to find its grove and thinking on Saturdays want to focus on "al a carte" Brunch....

                    What would you like to see on the menu for brunch on Saturday??

                    1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                      Well, I finally found a fab eggs benedict at The Dining Room. Something Mexican occasionally would be fantastic, this island needs a big flavour burst. Chilaquiles, oh yum...and someplace to do horcha and agua fresca's. Although someone mentioned that the lady who does Mexican at the Farmer's Market was opening a restaurant as well. The possibilities are endless....

                    2. re: bdachow

                      Yes I know and understand the absolute dough god a
                      Croissant. I wish we could make them.
                      I pride myself on homemade items. The
                      Issue fir me is a machine called a sheeter and a air conditioned pastry shop. Alas maybe some day. The humidity is a real struggle in order to get that shatter of crust. One must have a staff member who loves and dedicates most of the time to these amazing
                      And an air conditioned r

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                      Hi Hungryhog, please note Tribe Road Kitchen is owned by the Barefoot Baker (and husband) , not Ben, he works for her.

                    4. re: bdachow

                      Hi come by tomorrow... Me the owner will be frying
                      Up fish per order.. Understand your pain
                      We r just learning and want to get
                      It right !

                      1. re: thetribe

                        You guys are amazing, have all my fingers and toes crossed you'll do well. Keep up the fab work!!!!

                        1. re: thetribe

                          Save one for me and little Miss Lizzie!!

                          1. re: thetribe

                            Today's fish sandwich was excellent!

                            1. re: Athena

                              I'm pleased ! Appreciate the feedback:)

                        2. Working on Saturday's Brunch menu.....stay tuned

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                            Eggs benny with arugula salad was really good, perfectly cooked runny eggs and the surprise of a biscuit instead of english muffin had be worried at first, thought the biscuit would get soggy too fast but then again, it disappeared into our tummies so fast this wasn't a problem.

                            The waffles, 3 a plate with lemon laced strawberries was deeee-licious, nice crispy exterior and tenderness on the inside, I normally love maple syrup with waffles (I admit, I like filling up the holes) but the strawberries were perfect with it, giving it more than enough sweetness.

                            And completely in love with the various iced teas, I'm not generally a sweet person so the unsweetened flavoured iced teas are always refreshing.

                            Coffee crumb cake was a bit on the dry side, loved the cinnamon rolls, more pastry than bready which was a nice change. Cream cheese cake was super light and moist, I wish mine could be as light.

                            You guys are gonna be the death of my diet! Keep up the great work!