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Jun 24, 2011 01:01 PM

Newark airport Terminal C>> Food to bring on plane

Well seeing the airlines don't feed you anymore I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion's about Newark airport terminal C,we always go out on Continental and I know there are restaurant's in the terminal but we never ate in anynor do we know if they do package Breakfast / lunches to bring on the plane. I was also wondering if you could bring food through security,I know you cant bring water but what about food,I have a diabetic in the family that has to eat,then there's the kids,the plane food you buy is horrible and twice we was on the plane when they didn't have hardly anything left,any suggestions?

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  1. I see people bringing food from airport restaurants onto planes all the time since the restaurants are all past the checkpoint. However, I've never had any trouble bringing food from home through security either. Obviously you can't bring full drink bottles or lots of salad dressing or anything like that but I've taken everything from sandwiches to cold chicken thighs to marinated veggie salad through and no one's ever looked twice.

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      there are a plethora of dining options in Terminal C. Here is a URL to see where you can eat. As far as what you can bring on the plane, I have seen salads, pizza, sandwiches..anything goes really...and oh the smells..gag...people odors, food odors and CO's small 737..not the most fun way to fly...

    2. Except for an early morning flight I always hit the Sushi restaurant for a tasty and healthy meal either in the terminal or on the plane as you can get to go.
      The sushi is always fresh.
      After you clear security, head all the way left to the higher number gates. Just as you turn the corner its on your right hand side.

      I would be doing that routine tomorrow morning except our flight is at 7:30 am

      1. Perhaps you may find something in this New York Times article in the Travel section from Sunday's paper.

        Chefs offer their recommendations on this issue

        1. You can bring food through security with no problem, in your carryon luggage. You are only allowed two pieces to carry on, and probably don't want one of them to be your lunch bag.

          I always bring my own food from home, or a better place than what's at the airport.

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            I've gotten into the habit of making a gourmet type turkey or RB sandwich at home and bringing it on the plane. You can bring an empty water bottle through Security and just fill it up from a fountain once inside. If you have multiple travelers this will save quite a bit on your budget. And when you open your sandwich on the plane you'll be the envy of those around you.

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              OK now don't think I'm a total idiot but How would you carry it if it comes from home?I guess you would have to put it in your carry on but what i mean is does it have to be in the same size plastic bags as the 3oz bottles of shampoo etc??also how would it stay cold?It sounds like it would be easier to just go to a place once you get through security.I just never brought food through,I always thought it was a No No,Thanks everyone for enlightening me.

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                I believe that liquids need to be inside the 3 oz bottle. No such rule for turkey sandwiches and a banana. I make the sandwich just before leaving home for the airport and put it in a clear plastic bag. Of course I use mustard instead of mayo and put it in my carry bag. I've flown thru EWR, Tampa and other cities and never had a problem, even when they went thru the contents of my carry on.

                I've sat next to people who bring on fast food like Mickey D's and BK. Believe me, do your neighbors a favor and bring something from home that is less odiferous. Grain bars, crackers and carrots are also good snacks to bring with you on a flight. IfSecurity gives you a problem, tell them that Scrappy said it was OK.

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                  Are there specific security related concerns about using mayo on a sandwich?

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                    LOL,Just knowing you got through is good enough for me.

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                      When we flew to FL last week, we put some cold cuts, a pkg of cream cheese and a ziploc with ice in a soft cooler, which I put in my knapsack. I also took paper plates and napkins. We stopped at a great bagel store and picked up a 1/2 dz bagels and a big bag of chips. At security, I threw out the ice, but had no problem with the rest of the stuff. I then went to the food court area (near Caliente Cab Co) in Terminal C and picked up a plastic knife and condiments.

                      On the Flight I took orders from my family and made them all sandwiches platters. Not only was it better than anything we could have gotten on the plane, but making sandwiches in the cramped quarters of my seat took up 20 mins of the flight.


            2. It's been a while, but I recall that Sarky's is a Japanese/Asian grill with decent teriyaki chicken plates & combos (are they still there?). Alternatively, I like to bring a piece of Famous Famiglia's East Coast pizza with me onto the plane. A&W Root Beer has a stand there also, I believe: A hot dog & a A&W root beer float, perhaps? All the other places in the terminal are decent, but these above-mentioned are the ones I frequent.

              Famous Famiglia
              1 Newark Airport, Newark, NJ 07114

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                Terminal B at Newark is in DESPERATE need of a Terminal C-type makeover. You're waiting to go overseas and you're in coach and there is NOTHING worth eating either on the plane or in that terminal. Yes, I could bring my own dinner (and have), but it would be nice to eat beforehand in an actual restaurant before an 8 hour flight. And it's not as if there aren't a gajillion people in the waiting areas.

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                  2 new restaurants opening soon in B-- Mediterranean Bistro and Mulligan's. But even though there are lots of choices at C, neither terminal has any memorable food and extreme pricing. Stop at a deli on the way to the airport and get a nice sandwich, better and cheaper.

                  Going to France?