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Jun 24, 2011 12:46 PM

what to do with a freezer full of wild blue berries

my brother is pretty serious about foraging for blue berries. he kayaks into a bog to get these tastey lil guys.

blueberry buckwheat pancakes are awesome, but i need more ideas.

what is your best blue berry recipe??

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  1. Blueberry sauces are easy to make and you can freeze them. You can also try canning blueberry jam (last year I made some marvelous blueberry-peach jam, but the peaches were exceptionally delicious last year). BTW, blueberry sauce or jam can be used in fruity pork dishes. My sister made a simple pork tenderloin dish that used blueberry preserves.

    1. You could make blueberry...

      ...syrup cream

      You could also freeze them or dry them, too.

      I'm sure I've forgotten something....oh yes -- just eating them out of hand or in a bowl with a little cream poured over them!

      You could just send them to me and I'll take care of them for you.

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      1. re: sunshine842

        Sounds like they are already frozen, according to the title of the post!

        I second sunshine's suggestions... Baked goods are great with frozen berries--no need to thaw them before adding to batter. Many blueberry muffin recipes call for freezing berries beforehand to prevent them from getting mushy while stirring. The batter often turns blue/green with fresh. Tastes good, but not so pretty.

        You could also make scones. I love a simple scone base with frozen blueberries tossed in and a nice sprinkling of crunchy sugar on top before baking.

        1. re: nothingswrong

          and with very soft batters, I get better results by dipping the batter out first (pancakes or muffins) then adding the blueberries on top...then when they sink (as they will) they end up somewhere around the middle as it bakes. For big muffins, fill the tins halfway, add a few berries, then add the rest of the batter and a few more berries on top.

          1. re: j8715

            i think she means fruit leather :)

            like a fruit roll-up. but made of... fruit.

            1. re: nothingswrong


              pureed fruit (sweetened a little if necessary) -- spread out on a sheet of waxed paper and dried in a dehydrator or a slow oven.

              Proven kid-pleaser.

        2. We picked so many wild blueberries last year I still hace about a cup full left. I use them on my cerial almost att the time, just shake them into the bowl first and microwave about 10 seconds to avoid frozen milk balls.

          1. I work as a chef for a group home, and one time the school lunch program sent me three 40-lb giant cardboard boxes with garbage bags inside filled with frozen blueberries, completely unsolicited. I don't care for blueberries, but I've done blueberry syrup (easy peasy), plus the obvious muffin, pancakes, smoothies. I have also hidden small portions of them in other berry jams. I also thought of trying to incorporate it into a BBQ sauce, but I'm not sure how that would do. Good luck!

            1. In addition to what has been mentioned:
              - coulis
              - chutney or relish
              - semi freddo with basil or lemon
              - frozen treats such as popsicles
              - tea
              - scones
              - mousse
              - cold blueberry soup
              - compote
              - vinaigrette
              - vinegar (I love to make blueberry mint)
              - blueberry BBQ sauce or ketchup (fab with duck and lamb)