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Uses for Apricot Jam/Preserves

I feel like this is a very mundane question but here goes; I make killer apricot jam. Like, accidentally eat a whole jar by the spoonful good. I need to come up with other uses for it besides as a spread. Any good ideas?

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  1. Glazes for pies, tarts, crostatas etc.
    Great with pork and chicken. Make a sauce with the jam, vinegar and fresh sage.
    Top ice cream, yogurt, ricotta for dessert

    1. Look at any dessert recipe Jacques Pepin ever published. Kidding, but he really does like to use apricot jam.

      1. Mix it with Dijon mustard, caramelized onions and roasted garlic as a glaze for chicken.

        Use it as the "sauce" for a dessert/fruit pizza. Sugar cookie or shortbread crust, thin layer of jam, top with fresh sliced strawberries and small chunks of chocolate

        1. Share your recipe, Ernie! It sounds good.

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            I really don't know if it's that special, it just depends on getting good fruit.

            -Make a sugar syrup w. 2 cups sugar and 1/4 c. water, boil to thread stage
            -Add two pounds peeled, pitted fruit and cook several minutes to break down
            -Add 1/2 tsp each salt and almond extract
            -Add one cup sugar and one pound peeled pitted apricots (I typically save the ones that are most ripe for this stage)
            -Cook several minutes until thickened, add juice of one lemon to "brighten"

            That's all there is to it. Like I said, perhaps not special but still good.

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              Sounds delicious! Now I just need my apricots to ripen :) thanks for sharing.

            1. mix into riccotta which has been smoothed in FP, add fruit. voila! dessert

              1. I mix apricot jam (2T) with soy sauce (3T), garlic (1t), ginger (1t), sesame oil (1t), siracha sauce (1t) all together.- adjust to your taste

                add this mixture and 1 beaten egg

                1 pound ground chicken or turkey
                1 pound chopped mushrooms
                1 pound shredded zucinni
                1 cup + chopped onions

                Preheat oven to 375

                sautee all the veggies (separate or together) in a sauce pan with a little oil or butter or both, Salt, Pepper, garlic and ginger UNTIL SOFT.

                Let the veggie cool in fridge about 30 mins

                add the cooked veggies, ground chicken(turkey) and the combine wet ingredients on a large bowl.

                Add Panko crumbs (no more than a cup depending how moist your mixture is). Let sit a good 30 minutes,

                line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper

                use a ice cream scoop to scoop balls on top sheets, form into patties.

                Cook 10 mins, flip burgers, rotate pans and cook 10 mins more.


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                    Sounds really good. I'm thinking about making these into meatballs.
                    Any suggestions for a dipping sauce?

                  2. This is a lovely Swiss cake (by Nick Malgieri) that uses 1/2 c of apricot jam to very good effect. With that kind of jam, it would be spectacular.

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                        Excellent suggestion. I use the Barefoot Contessas recipe and folks devour them. I devour them too.

                      2. Use as a filling between cake layers or in a European-style torte. Sub for the raspberry preserves in Linzertorte or Linzer cookies (make sure it's not overly chunky first). And frankly, I love it in peanut better sandwiches.

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                          Topping for a piece of cheesecake.

                        2. that lil italien chef (Lydia, maybe) made this beautifil pork loin w/ a sauce that was a reduction of apricot jam/preserves and balsamic vinagar. I've made it several times w/ diff fruit but love the apricot. I would make a nice dressing for maybe a spinach salad. It makes a nice marinade too mixed w oil and some acid

                          1. Great as part of a glaze for a baked or grilled ham too.

                            1. Apricot is a great filling for oatmeal jam bars.