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Jun 24, 2011 11:46 AM

Call for Help from Fellow Philly Hounds

A colleague from NYC has reached out and needs dinner recs for restaurants in the Center City area that can accomodate 50 people. They want tasty, they want walkable, no word on price. This is a group of designers visiting the city for an architectural walking tour. To make things super challenging, this is in two weeks on a Friday night.

If they needed recs for 20, I can name a dozen places, but 50 is beyond my scope.

Any suggestions? After you stop laughing? Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Supper on South St. - they have a big upstairs room and the owners also run a catering business so I bet they can figure something out for the crowd...

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      That was going to be one of my suggestions too. But I have another suggestion.. go to Open Table, select Philadelphia and private dining (may be listed as banquets). You can then limit the selection by size and by location. That can become a starting point to look at restaurants. Ultimately you or your colleague is going to have to call and arrange things with the restaurant but this might be a place to start at looking at places with the capacity that you want. Then you can figure out price/food preference/location etc.

    2. Estia could do it downstairs if it's available. Great location and food, but expensive.

      Bella Cena is also well placed and has a large backroom. It's affordable, but the place is pretty unremarkable.

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        Id' second Estia. And it's really good food and the banquet room's architecturally interesting.

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          Minimum cost per person without tip and alcohol is 45 dollars per person. I think if you are looking for inexpensive chinatown probably is another place to consider. I am sure Vietnam or Vietnam Palace could handle that size crown.

      2. Upstairs at DiBrunos will do dinners while the downstairs store is closed. They would have to pay a rental fee for the space, in addition to food, but if they're available, it could be a good choice. 1700 block of Chestnut.

        1. Maybe they could reserve the vault/wine cellar at DelFrisco's? The architecture of the restaruant itself is beautiful (it's an old bank) and can seat all 50 no problem. Food is excellent and service awesome.

          1. Also, I think Starr is using the old Tangerine as a private events space. That might be an option and they'd have a wide range of menu options with him.