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Jun 24, 2011 11:07 AM

Where Can a Girl Get a Decent Po'Boy in This Town?!

I'm from Louisiana and don't want to have to fly home in 100 degree weather to get a fried shrimp/oyster/soft shell crab po'boy - any ideas cheauxhounds?

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  1. New Orleans Cajun Cafe in Hermosa Beach serves them until 5pm. They make Blackened Chicken,
    Sausage (choose from Alligator, Spicy Chaurice, Chicken, or Pork Boudin) Fried Shrimp,
    Fried Oyster (hard or flash fried), Shrimp/Oyster Combo, Fried Crawfish and Catfish po'boys.

    New Orleans Cajun Cafe
    140 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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    1. re: wienermobile

      Thakns wienermobile - flash fried oysters are my fav!

      1. re: wienermobile

        +1 on this cafe, VERY authentic, I'd say THE most authentic I've encountered in LA yet, except for a little place that used to be in Monrovia and run by a Cajun.

        PS - I had the flash fried oyster po boy and it was delicious.

      2. Heard good things about Soft Shelff Crab Po'boy from the newly opened Fundamental on Westwood. I'm allergic to crab so haven't tried but please try and report back!

        Fundamental LA
        1303 westwood blvd. los angeles, ca 90024 t. 310.444.7581
        Lunch only, closed Sunday.

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        1. re: keepon

          Thanks for bringing this to the board's attention. Place Link (with website) added below.

          fundamental Los Angeles
          1303 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

          1. re: keepon

            This place seems interesting. I wonder if they change menus every day?


            That menu has no po boy and they have a tweet that says "hot brown pinch hitting for po boy."

            I think they place looks interesting -- I don't need the po boy. Just wondering ...

            1. re: PaulF

              That other food review site has some great pics of the po' boy.


              Yes, they do change their menu daily.

              1. re: reality check

                This is getting exciting. THAT bread - I think it's their brioche - LOOKS very close to how it should on a po'boy. And the little fried claw sticking out seals the deal. I guess I'll just call and see when they'll have it before I go. Place looks great - thanks to keepon.

                1. re: Louisiana Mouth

                  Some potentially bad news ...

                  I just tried Fundamental. We sat at the counter and were able to hear a couple of the chef's chatting with those sitting around us. Apparently the soft shell crabs are out of season, something about the "water getting warmer and the shells getting harder."

                  I know nothing about marine temperatures or their effect on sea creatures, but it sounded plausible to me. So, unless they get some crabs they aren't expecting, it might be a while before they have that po'boy. It's easy enough to check their web site to see if and when the item returns.

                  I also heard them say they buy a lot of their ingredients at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

                  The good news is that our lunch was very tasty and worth recommending. I had the BLT, which comes with a fried egg that went really well with the bacon. The egg was really creamy. I enjoyed the sandwich quite a bit. My wife had the short ribs, which I had a bite of and it was really good, too. The seasoning was pretty mild, leaving a nice, beefy taste. The sandwich is supposed to come with some eggplant on it, but that must have been more of a spread, because there was no obvious eggplant on the sandwich. We shared the homemade potato chips, which were really thin and crunchy, but a little bit greasy. One order was more than enough for two people and if I were alone I probably wouldn't need any chips because I think an order would be too much for me (and I have a hard time stopping my chips consumption, even when full). The sandwiches came with some pickled cucumber and radish, also made in house.

                  The fresh lemonade wasn't too sweet and we saw them making vanilla cream soda with real cream.

                  I think someone said dinner starts next week after the holiday.

                  Lunch was almost 30 dollars with tip. Just so you know, you order at the counter and they give you a number and bring your food to the table.

                  1. re: PaulF

                    Thanks, Paul. Sounds quite promising. How was the speed of service from order to eating? Did you feel they got it out to you in a timely manner?

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Let's put it this way:

                      I parked my car in front of the CVS that is across the street and put an hour on the meter. So, including the time it took to walk across the street, order and get served, eat, chat with the lady at the adjoining bar stool, leave, peak in the window of the Indian buffet next door and then walk back to my car it took 25 minutes.

                      Everything came out very fast.

                      It was cool to watch them work, the kitchen is wide open. A couple of guys work the grill, heating the bacon or short ribs, grilling the bread and so on, then a couple of guys add the lettuce, tomatoes, greens, mustard -- whatever -- and out it comes. The servers do the drinks (they only have lemonade and vanilla cream soda -- no Diet Cokes or Sprites or whatever), handle the orders, bring the food. Very efficient operation.

                      We arrived about 12:10 and the place wasn't too crowded and the line was short. By the time we left, the line was longer, but there were still a few empty seats. Fundamental is pretty small. If I had to guess, there are 10? seats at the counter and 10? tables. I'd think the tables for four are there to be shared if there is an empty seat.

                    2. re: PaulF

                      Soft shell crab season is usually from May-Sept.

                      We orders some Maryland blue crabs, crab cakes and soft shell crab, for this weekend, and all were in stock. Can't wait for the package to arrive on Sat!!

                      1. re: reality check

                        Reality Check, where did you order your crab cakes, etc. from?

                        I'm looking for a good source. Thanks.

                        1. re: reality check

                          Depending on where they are harvested, they are found between April-September, with the peak months being June & July.

                          1. re: reality check

                            By this time in June soft shell season in Maryland is definitely coming to a close. I looked online and saw some of that May-Sept. nonsense but experience doesn't bear that out. I'm born and raised on the Chesapeake and never have I eaten a soft shell in July.

                            If they are still around I'd take a guess that there is some sort of drop in the quality.

                            1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                              There is a thing called frozen, and that's the reason softshell crab are sold year round. In addition, having FRESH soft shell crab over Labor Day weekend, is a tradition for a friend's family and they have always had fresh soft shell crab in late August.

                2. I lived in New Orleans for 7 years. The problem is that the bread here is all wrong. Ever time I try one I am very disappointed. What we need is a Leidenheimer's Bakery around here.

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                  1. re: rnp0123

                    Oh amen to that rnp0123 - the bread here is too hard and substantial. While we're importing places, let's throw in a Hansen's snowball stand while we're at it.

                    1. re: Louisiana Mouth

                      Agree that the main problem is the bread (and not just here in LA, I also had this problem in the Bay Area). Don't know if this is true, but I was told that the main reason that California bakers can't get those recipes to work right here is the substantial difference in humidity.
                      I've just accepted that the best croissants will be in France, and the best po' boys in Louisiana... But I'm glad for the thread so I can try the referenced Hermosa resto.

                      1. re: comedor

                        I think it actually might be the water - which is very 'soft' in Louisiana. Regardless, your point about acceptance is well taken. i look forward to trying some of these responses even if I end up eating the insides only.

                        1. re: Louisiana Mouth

                          I have not tried it, but my co-worker who is from NOLA says that Pavilions French Bread is the closest she has found to the real thing in LA.

                            1. re: Louisiana Mouth

                              I am sorry, I go it wrong. She said Vons, not Pavilions. I hope you did not buy any yet.

                              1. re: Adamlick

                                They are both owned by Safeway and use interchangeable brands, doubt it would be different. Unless it's a store bakery, but even then, I think the stores that have bakeries bake for those that don't.

                  2. Little Dom's in Los Feliz makes a good oyster Po'Boy. BP Oysterette in Santa Monica had a pretty good soft shell crab rendition as of last week.

                    Little Dom's
                    2128 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

                    BP Oysterette
                    1355 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

                    1. not a real po'boy but the shrimp po'boy @ Sweetsalt Toluca Lake is mind blowingly addictive. Top 10 sandwich for me.