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Jun 24, 2011 11:02 AM

HELP! Need Central/ Southern Coastal California Recs!!

I am planning a 2 week drive down the California coast and am in need of some delicious but affordable local eats for some of the cities we are visiting. I am willing to splurge on dinner (under 30 an entrée for a few nights) but would love some cheaper lunch/ breakfast recommendations too. I eat anything and everything so don’t hold back! See our itinerary below. Thanks!!

-Carmel/Monteray (1 night)
- Santa Barbara (2 days)- Need help here!
-Los Angeles (2 days)
-San Diego (2 days)

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  1. Which part of LA? I mean, the LA board covers everything from Ventura to San Onofre along the coast...

    1. To be more specific we will be staying in Silver Lake one night and West Hollywood the next night.


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        For great Mexican food in dive surroundings try La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. I liked Bouchon for dinner, but it may be over your budget.

        In Silver Lake I'd definitely go to Barbrix. It's one of my favorite restaurants in LA. Interesting wines, delicious small plates and lovely owners. Be sure to order any pasta that happens to be on the menu.

        1. re: whatsfordinner

          +1 on La Super Rica. Also we love The Palace for cajun food, which is hard to find in LA.

          I agree w Barbrix also. I've also heard that the Cliff's Edge is a wonderful spot in Silver Lake, and has one of the most beautiful patios in the city.

          Cliff's Edge
          3626 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

      2. It depends on what days of the week you will be in the Central Coast, but north of Santa Barbara (in Los Alamos) is a great restaurant that actually does what so many say they do (serve local, in-season food). My most memorable meal in years... Just know that there can be a wait to get in (no reservations accepted) and they're not open every day.
        Solid, reasonably-priced sandwiches can be had at Panino, which has several locations:

        1. Just north of Santa Maria is Jocko's, where you will find wonderful steaks cooked in the Santa Maria style - seasoned with a mild rub, grilled over red oak logs and served with salsa and pinquitoes. Take the Tefft Rd exit in Nipomo; head east almost to the end of the road and it will be on the left. There is almost always a line so beware. Enjoy.