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Jun 24, 2011 09:59 AM

Where to buy fresh Santa Barbara prawns?

Anyone know of where I can purchase fresh Santa Barbara prawns for cooking at home? I haven't found a reliable seafood monger. I live on the east side, but work on the west side, and am willing to travel.

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    1. Most of the 99 Ranch Market locations have a seafood section with live tanks. I'd check the location nearest you, probably the ones in the SGV.

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        +2 on 99 Ranch - they do so much volume on the SB prawns. I was at the San Gabriel store about a month ago, and they had a sale on SB prawns - I think it was some crazy price like $14-15/pound. You gotta make sure they look healthy though, because IMHO they overstuff the tanks with the prawns. A dying prawn will soon be a dead prawn, and a dead SB prawn will be prawn pudding.

      2. Fish King in Glendale is a terrific seafood place. I don't know about SB prawns, but give them a call.

        1. The fish vendor at the Santa Monica farmers market sometimes carries them.

          1. Although they arent the cheapest vendors in town, Santa Monica Seafood generally has them when they are in season.