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Best Greek salad?

Most of the time a Greek salad is a mish mash of iceberg, day old sliced onions, and limp peppers with a crumble of mediocre feta and an olive or two. Anybody know where one can get the real thing with a slab of creamy feta, some sweet onions, crisp peppers, tomatos, olives, oregano and a drizzle of good oil?

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  1. Farm Grill in Newton has a very good one.

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      I love the Farm Grille. However, if the OP really wants "the real thing," the Farm Grille ain't it. Like most Greek salads in the U.S., the Farm Grille's has lettuce. The real thing does not. (That said, perhaps they'd make it for you.)

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        i thought the "non-lettuce" ones were horataki salads: good ones at Steve's and at Family restaurant.

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          Yup, really looking for the "real thing" just as I ate them in my buddy's mother's home in Athens 35 years ago. He was just visiting me gere and I got the urge! Guess I'll have to do it myself. Thanks to all....unless anyone has a new suggestion.

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            That is not entirely correct. Horiatiki salata does not have lettuce but there certainly is a salad in the Greek canon which has lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, and onions. You don't see it very often but it does appear in my 1956 copy of "Tselementes", which is one of those classic cookbooks every Greek home has.

        2. I always liked the Greek Corner in N. Cambridge but haven't been there for awhile. I noticed that triple D (Guy Fiery) was there and that usually means the kiss of death for getting a table without a three-five hour wait. Just look what he did to Rino's in eastie..........

          Greek Corner Restaurant
          2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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            I was just there last week and posted a review. Greek Corner was all that. The tomatoes were carefully selected and reminded me of...tomatoes. A glass of Retsina was also right on time. Greek corner!

            Greek Corner Restaurant
            2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

          2. I don't know if it's the best, but I enjoy the greek salad at Aceituna Cafe. It's got a nice zip to the dressing, and the vegetables always taste fresh. As a great plus, I can order it without the lame iceberg lettuce base. I really, really dislike iceberg, so at Aceituna I can enjoy the best parts of a greek salad without distraction.

            Aceituna Cafe
            605 W Kendall St, Cambridge, MA 02142

            1. Temptations in Brookline does a nice job of making the Greek salads I enjoyed in the sixties.

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                I seem remember Temptations gives you a bonus of a couple of stuffed grape leaves with thier Greek Salad too.

              2. They make a fresh village salad/horitiki
                When ordered with more than generous
                Amounts of olives and great feta

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                  pessada, would you please clarify which "they" you were referring to? Might want to give them a try....Thanks!

                2. The Brookline Family Restaurant is Turkish, not Greek, but does a very good shepherd's salad that is quite similar to what you're looking for. You can get feta and olives as a side and hey presto! Dinner!

                  Brookline Family Restaurant
                  305 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

                  1. The acropolis in Needham has authentic Greek/village salad
                    With excellent quality feta

                    1. It might seem random, but Burton's Grill in Kenmore (I believe they have other locations as well) has an amazing "lettuce-less" Greek salad. Depending on the day, the chef may include a small amount of lettuce, but it is used as just a garnish or base to the bowl. The bulk of the salad consists of cucumber, tomato, red onion, Kalamata olive, feta, herbs and a light olive-oil based dressing. Bonus: you can add grilled shrimp. My absolute favorite.