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Jun 24, 2011 09:25 AM

KING CRAB NOW!!! (late june -i know its super late/off season)

hey folks,

i'm here in vancouver from los angeles for 3 more weeks and i want to get king crab.
i know its waaay late in season and waaay overpriced, but i'm looking for value/quality ratio. dont care about ambience or service. in general, how do the crabs taste at this time of year? less fatty?
people always say that the big king crabs taste better, but personally i've always found smaller crustaceans to taste better, smaller shrimp vs. big, smaller lobster vs. big... any thoughts?

i had dimsum at come along restaurant and noticed that king crab was about 20/pound and they had 8 pound crabs.

i also had dimsum at sunsuiwah and king crabs were 40/pound (not sure how big they were)

but the way, the dim sum at come along dominated the surprisingly completely mediocre dimsum at sun sui wah

thanks for your help!

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  1. Hey modernist, thanks for the update on Come Along. I was eying it on my way up Kingsway the other day.

    I'm sure you'll get some sage advice from the crustacean lovers on here soon.

    Come Along Restaurant
    2550 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R5H2, CA

    1. Via my co-founder: "No. Season is definitely well over- January. Dungeness may be available- ends in June. Other problem with King is avoiding the Russian versions which are way overfished.

      Best option right now would be frozen."


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        What we consider King Crab "season" here in Vancouver is when the Chinese restaurants have them all on special for about $10-13/lb (from the usual $40/lb-ish). That interpretation of the "season" starts from end of Feb/beginning of Mar and goes for about 6 weeks. I think the actual fishing season, as you say, ends in January.

        Here in Vancouver you can get fresh Dungeness crab all year long. (The crab season in California ends in June.)

        1. re: foodtree

          so the king crabs that are in the tanks in cantonese restaurants for 20bux a pound are likely from russia?
          i guess i can try and ask the restaurants where the crabs are from

        2. We were visiting Vancouver and tried a 9lb king crab at Red Star this past saturday at approx $32/lb. The quality was top notch and it was very well prepared. First serving was topped w/ cooked garlic/wine (see photo), second was a lightly battered/spicy deep fried version, and last was the fried rice Portugese style w/ the brains. Pricey, but darn good.

          A nice way to end our BC trip, after buying so much fresh local seafood from small shops on Vancouver island and eating it raw.

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