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Jun 24, 2011 08:36 AM

Where to buy char siu on the Peninsula?

I've got a party to go to and no time to make char siu. Is there any place around Mountain View to get decent char siu togo?

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  1. Ranch 99? 1350 Grant Rd, Mountain View, CA.

    1. Fu Lam Mum on Castro probably has the best takeout char siu in the Mountain View area.

      On Grant, Ranch 99 has some decent (but not fabulous) char siu. Their char siu baos, however are awful and should be avoided.

      Fu Lam Mum
      155 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

      1. The cha siu at 99 Ranch in Mountain View deli is actually very decent. If you and your guests don't mind it, ask the butcher for fattier cuts.

        I'm willing to bet there's better quality (although pricier) cha siu if you go south to HK Saigon Seafood Harbor in Sunnyvale and get it from there.

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          I like 99Ranch Foster City for Cantonese BBQ. It decent too. With the price of gas I do not go to the City as often so it nice to have local options.

        2. A while ago, I tried the char siu that a friend bought at Nak's in Menlo Park. It's only available on Saturdays, if i remember correctly. Worth a call to check.

          99 Ranch Market
          1070 Foster City Blvd, Foster City, CA

          Nak's Oriental Market
          1151 Chestnut St, Menlo Park, CA

          1. Regardless of where you go, the “decency” of char sieu is, after all, a matter of personal liking. Some prefer it fat (”fei di”), some prefer it lean (“sau di”), and many prefer it in-between, equally marbleized (“boon fei sau”). Some also like the edges of their char sieu with some charring. Be cognizance what you and your guests’ preferences are; specifically request your desires upon purchase or ordering to maximize the decency of what you get!