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Jun 24, 2011 07:57 AM

Nice lunch place between Milford and NYC

Looking for a unique place to stop by for lunch between Milford and NYC. Ideally would like to find something that is difficult to find in my hometown (NYC). Was considering CT-style lobster rolls (though we have Red Hook Lobster now) in a beautiful seaside setting -- though it seems like the best places are east of New Haven. Any ideas?

I should mention that it needs to be open July 4.


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  1. Rowayton seafood is a great place to stop.
    Probably a bit closer to Milfod than NYC but headed in the right direction. Delicious!

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      Actually, now that I think about it.. Paradise Grill in Stamford, CT. has a lovely outside dining deck over the water ( make a resv. ) they should have what you want, and the food is very good.

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        im very sorry to negate your reply because i am sure you are trying to be h elpful but paradise has some of the worst food in ffld county. yes the view is nice but the food is absolutely terrible. i would not recommend that place for its food to my worst enemy. im sorry again but i just had to mention it.

    2. Sorry, There are MANY wonderful lunch places in CT,. in the locations you want,....but for GREAT lobster rolls, no way! You must go further north to Clinton, CT. ( way out of your way! ) What else do you like to eat, and I can tell you where to go?...

      1. Thanks for the responses. To clarify, I'm not looking for a lobster roll in particular. I'm open to all cuisines and all price points and looking for things that I can't find as easily in NYC. Waterside dining isn't very common where I am, which is why I mentioned it above. But if the food isn't good, the most beautiful setting is not worth it.

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          Splash in Westport has a beautiful waterside setting...not sure if they are open on the 4th...but fun food, nice spot...and if you go, make sure to have the crackling calamari salad!

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            spalsh is a great place, agreed- also if you want to splurge- l'escale in greenwich has a nice patio overlooking the water.

        2. Harbor Lights in Norwalk has a beautiful, marina setting and very good seafood, including raw bar, as well as some great Greek/Med inspired dishes.

          Harbor Lights
          84 Seaview Ave, Norwalk, CT 06855

          1. Many thanks for your help. We ended up going to Splash in Westport. Lucky we made a relatively early reservation for lunch as we got the last waterside table. We had:

            calamari salad -- probably the best item we had
            spring rolls -- a bit greasy but still good
            crab cake -- DH liked this one a lot but I thought there was too much filler
            tuna tartare -- taste was good, but the color was kind of grey; guess that beats the dye many places put in their tuna

            I know a lot of people complain about the service here, but I thought it was perfectly fine. And I thought the prices were pretty reasonable considering this is a waterfront property (or maybe I'm used to paying jacked up NYC prices).