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Jun 24, 2011 07:31 AM

No City Hall Plaza food trucks this morning . . .

. . . anyone know why? Weather? Phantom Gourmet event? I had an itch for a clover sandwich and popover which I was unable to itch.

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  1. Probably because of the PG event, which begins at noon today.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Who needs a food truck when you can get middling BBQ in the company of a clammy Andelman Brother?

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        $10 entrance fee, no food included

        1. re: Luther

          Free entry from noon to 4 PM today. I'm sure the food prices add up quickly though.

          1. re: BJK

            I am glad to see the Andelman circus get rained on. Why people endure long lines and pay extra to get mass produced grade BBQ never ceases to amaze me. Take the $10 and spend it on gas to go out to BT Smokehouse in Sturbridge .

            1. re: Msample

              Boston has the lamest bbq festival I've ever seen. Even small & mid-sized cities have 10+ bbq vendors, lots of good bands, etc. at their rib 'burn-off's'

              1. re: JoeM

                Gosh, that's an arbitrary thing to whine about, even for Chowhound.

                1. re: JoeM

                  Surely everyone in Boston knows by now that the sole goal of any Phantom Gourmet event is to make cash money for the Andelmans, not to expose people to worthwhile food.


                    1. re: Msample

                      "I am glad to see the Andelman circus get rained on"

                      You sound like a lot of fun and a pleasure to be with. Nothing wrong with not liking the Andelmans or Phantom Gourmet as most of us on this board don't but there are clearly others who do. Wishing them a bad time is poor taste. And while it never ceases to amaze you why people would spend their money at such an event, it never ceases to amaze me why people spend even a moment worrying about and commenting on what others spend their own money on.

                      1. re: Gordough

                        Hounds like to bust on the Andelmans because they're so antithetical to the Chowhound ethos. They promote a lot of mediocre food in return for advertising dollars, and rarely point people to really Chowish places (though I understand Angela's Cafe got a strong Restaurant Review, their one segment with any credibility, this morning). Plus, they're famously boorish to the industry that they make their living on. They kind of beg to be dumped on.


              2. re: hiddenboston

                Yesterday at around 3pm on Arlington St by the Public Garden there were more crowds/large groups of people, many bearing bunches of red and blue balloons, than i have seen in decades. I know not of the PG event ; do you think the throngs were from that? We were just returning from a trip away and we didn't know if the Gay Pride Parade had been rescheduled from last wkend's rain.

              3. The Clover Truck was on the Greenway at Milk St this idea why.

                1. Ya, still itchy here too. They have been tweaking the popover dough the last couple of weeks, and they seem to be greatly improved.

                  1. Bon Me is over by South Station.

                    Bon Me
                    Mobile truck; no formal address, Boston, MA

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