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Jun 24, 2011 06:18 AM

DC to Northern VT (Plattsburg, St. Albans) - Good eats along 87 N (crossposted on S/N Boards)

All -

I'm off with the family on a roadtrip to Northern VT (Plattsburg, St. Albans) and want to get suggestions of places I should consider stopping for. Any kind of fare will do and the more local, unique to the area the better.

Note I'm cross posting this in the So/No NE boards.

Thanks much for your suggestions!

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. If everyone has a passport I would suggest you cross the border into Quebec and stop for lunch at Witsend in Hemmingford Quebec, I don't know the ages in the Family but Parc Safari Africain might be a good stop. Hemmingford is on the Quebec/NY border. On the Vermont/Quebec border the Fritz Kaiser cheese (frommagerie) is a definite stop. Burlington Vermont has many excellent restaurants. I would highly recommend the Noon Mark Diner in the Keene Valley in New York. fabulous food and breath taking scenery and a pleasant alternative to the Northway as a route into Plattsburg.

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    1. re: Moedelestrie

      Hands down - best place to stop is Irises in Plattsburgh, NY

      I would put it up against anywhere Ive ever eaten...

    2. Michigans! in Plattsburgh! You can compare several places, but I like Clare and Carl's the best. NOT a chili dog, and unique to Plattsburgh.

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        The Michigan hotdog is an indigenous food of the Quebec/NY border unknown in Michigan I remember Michigan hotdogs 60 years ago in many of the drive-ins along the border. I have no doubt that Plattsburgh has excellent Michigans but I think I might head into Lacolle for a Quebec Michigan.

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          Thank you! I didn't know that Quebec had them - definitely worth a try!

          1. re: Moedelestrie

            Barre VT has a hot dog place that has Michigan dogs. :)

        2. You will have to report back where you ended up stopping - would love to hear your feedback