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Jun 24, 2011 02:27 AM

Paris restaurant suggestions in 5th or 6th?

My husband and I will be in Paris July 8-10. Saturday night we are at Chez L'Ami Jean and Sunday night Le Cinq. For Friday I was thinking Les Papilles but they are fully booked.

I am looking for a restaurant within 15- 20 minutes walk (walking would be nice!) or a short metro ride from our hotel. We are staying on Rue Cassette near Rue de Rennes (M Saint- Suplice.) I need a later reservation and prefer something nearby as my husband will be arriving at our hotel at 8:00 pm from a business event. For this meal I prefer either rustic or traditional French cuisine, brasserie etc, but am open to more modern cuisine as long as the food is wonderful (and as long as it still feels like I am in Paris :-). Budget is in the 40-75 E per person range. I have read many of the posts and blogs on the France board but my head is swimming at this point and could use some direction. Thanks!

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  1. Le Machon d'Henri. Traditional, small&cozy, lively. Very near where you are. Your budget. You can look up the many mentions of it on this board.
    Ditto Aux Fins Gourmets on bld St Germain.
    And please report back. Thanx.

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      Went to Machon d'Henri based on chow rec's, found it inedibly bad...started off fine with nice wine and haricots verts as entree but then the plats were doused in cream/butter/ French food is nice, this was just gross. Pommes dauphinoise was insta-heart attack gag-reflex of butter and cheese. Salmon was swimming in cream. Side of crunchy endives was soaked through by the offending sauces. Duck confit was forgettable.

      Overheard that current owner took over from his father, who I can only guess ran a tighter ship than the son.

      1. re: nasdaddy

        What sad news Thanx for the update.

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          I can't fault Henri's pommes dauphinoise, a dish which is most generally off any heart healthy regime.

          Last time, perhaps a few months ago, I ordered the roast chicken, which as roast chicken in Paris goes, was not bad. Andouillette here is always good, as is boudin noir with apples and potatoes. The daily white fish offering has always been quite good. Entrecote not bad. Lamb cooked for 7 hours is almost always on the board and is my husband's favorite.

          Many of the plates are sauced, as the ardoise indicates, but one can order them, a la American, sauce on the side. In addition, there are many dishes on both the slate or the hardbound carte that are simple preparations. That said, Henri, is a classic workingman's Lyon-style bistrot, and definitely not nouvelle or modern cuisine.

          I don't know about a change in owner, however since Henri stays open all year without vacation, there is always a substitute chef in the summer. There is sometimes subtle variation in the cooking under the substitute, but for the most part there is no difference in style.

          While I put little faith in Trip Adviser, I just noted that every writer gave Henri a 4 or 5 out of 5. Not foodie food, but old fashioned French food.

          1. re: mangeur

            Exactly how I've always felt about Le Machon d'Henri.

      2. You might try le Bistro de l'Alycastre on rue Clément near the Marché St Honoré. The chef's a former rugby player from Perpignan. He runs a fun, lively place with very good food one might call "inventive traditional." In the price range you indicate.

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          1. re: Parigi

            You're so right! Marché St Germain

        1. Le Bon Saint Pourcain is rustic and traditional. Basic French comfort food. Check out their site, and please note they don't accept plastic.

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          1. re: Oakglen

            "Le Bon Saint Pourcain" -- we enjoyed that tiny place last year. -- Jake

            1. re: Oakglen

              Really like Au Bon Saint Pourcain, too. The chicken with tarragon is wonderful. Also, love the owner and his little dog "Vicki" who greets you.

              1. re: DaisyM

                "The chicken with tarragon" -- ahh, just reading those words that brought back pleasant memories of that homey dish there, and the inexpensive Irancy that we had with it . . . .

                1. re: Jake Dear

                  Seriously, wasn't it great? We went back the next time we were in Paris just to have it again. But it wasn't on the menu. So the owner (Francois?) told me to have the chicken with mushrooms and it was excellent. Love that place.

            2. Parigi, John and Oakglen--thank you all for your wonderful (and fast!) responses. I'll let you know where I end up and will definitely do a "restaurant report" when I return.

              1. I would suggest you try La Moustache; there is a nice thread devoted to it on this site.