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Jun 23, 2011 09:37 PM

Visiting Nova Scotia this summer....need some recs

Hi Everyone,

I will be visiting Nova Scotia this summer with family (wife + 2 year old) and need some good recommendations on where to eat. Nothing too fancy because we are with the baby. Emphasis on seafood.

We will be flying into Halifax (from Toronto) and staying in Digby. We are still undecided if we will stay in the Digby area all week or spend the last few days near Halifax (South Shore area).

Thanks! I can hardly wait to go and do not want to be stuck at major tourist traps!

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  1. I did a whole post a few hours ago

    and lost the whole thing :(

    we did the same trip with our boys -about 15 years ago- and had a wonderful trip

    they were 8 and 5 at the time

    LWAYS eat BEFORE the rush i:e: 1130 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

    i admit to staying at White Point (resort) the planked salmon was to-die-for

    have no idea what it's like now

    we also stayed in Lockport (south shore as well) it was a group of 8 or so cabins right on the shore and did our own cooking. The cabins were new at the time-so have no idea if they are still there or how they have aged.

    not far from White Point was a family owned seafood place-small place-fried clams,and other seafood

    the ladies in the area made the desserts wow! delivered still warm........

    it might have been called Seaside Shack ???? we found out about it from a Nova Scotia book

    that did detailed drives and out of the way spots in NS

    if i can find it (if i still have it) i'll tell you the name etc. what a great meal we had!!!

    this isn't food- but we had a picnic in Cherry Beach-out of the way a wee bit-nature at its best

    O not stay in Digby. there is NOTHING there.ZILCH ZERO

    sorry if i offend

    travel up the South Shore.Shelbourne is nice, as is Lockport, La Have (not sure of the spelling- used to have a great bakery)

    we drove out to ?? Hawk/Wreck?? Point- i don't have a NS map in front of me- but that point is the most eastern point of NS-you can find it if you look, adventure driving!

    have a cooler for snacks to ward off the 'grumpies"

    best bet- find a good book and read it through and highlight what you think is interesting

    and be oh so flexible with a 2 year old! people are great and love kids

    if i find out anything else from NS relatives I'll post it

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      Thanks! I thought the Digby area and the Annapolis valley was a great place for NS food and fresh seafood? I hope you are wrong........