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Jun 23, 2011 09:25 PM

Help!! Looking for an inexpensive place to have a Sunday Brunch Wedding in DC….wishful thinking??

My fiance and I are excited about getting married, but not so much about spending a million dollars on the event. We've decided to do a Sunday Brunch wedding to cut costs. Any ideas on where in the city would be nice, but rather inexpensive, say $20-25 per person??

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  1. how many people? If you are having, say, 20-25 people you can probably find a brunch spot that can accommodate. Otherwise, in the DC area, it might be wishful thinking if you aren't doing it yourselves, unfortunately. But if you post the number of people, maybe we can recommend good brunch spots for a group (vs. a guest list).

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      We were thinking guest list rather than group. Somewhere around 100 ppl or so.

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        Hm, I really don't t hink at 20-25 per person is going to be possible for 100 people in the city. You might try to talk to some farmers at farmers markets and see if they use their properties for events, and have something at one of those (but you'll have to probably rent tables/chairs/linens, ets).
        You might want to try that route and consider a lunch BBQ with a BBQ caterer - I think you can probably find that relatively inexpensively (similarly, my sister in law is having a clam bake for her new england wedding....[which while it isn't my style seeing as how we're Jewish] is probably very budget friendly.

        I think you'll have to really think outside the box to keep it at $25 and under per person, and a farm would be something to strongly consider.

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            Isn't there some Audubon preserve or other public park up off Connecticut, near Kensington?

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              You might be thinking of Woodend Sanctuary which is gorgeous (I thought about it but it but it was too expensive). Woodned is in the thousands of dollars for renting. If you can use an inexpensive caterer (unlikely because they have an approved list for vendors you have to work with) and get married off-peak day/time/season, it would be budget venue.

    2. You might check the Tabard Inn. I had a friend who did a birthday brunch there recently which was quite nice and the food was very good. You could do the food - barely - within your budget, but there is also a room charge of about $300 (depending on day / time of day) and I think they have a wedding charge, plus it's extra if you want them to light the fireplace.

      Tabard Inn
      1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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        The Tabard Inn is beautiful, but a bit too ritzy for our taste. We were looking for a little less formal and more light, airy, and casual. We do love the idea of a cocktail reception. Never thought of that :)

        Tabard Inn
        1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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          Tabard is a wonderful place for weddings - it's cozy and the food is great. I wanted ours there but the lack of handicap accessability was a negative when you have a number of older relatives.

          However, I think you'd have a very hard time to keep it near $25 before alcohol (if wanted) and sweets.

          As I said above, a farm or property might be best because you can get a lot of things in bulk or whatnot at Costco/Wegmans for first courses and desserts if you have someone just cater the main food....

        2. BBQ catering is a good idea. I posted here about Ron Love.

          I was very surprised when I saw his price list - he's very reasonable and does lot of items - from hot dogs to a whole pig roast.

          Another place to check would be Hardy's BBQ. I posted their number in this thread:

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            Also, I've had good experiences with a personal chef in the area if you have a venue with a kitchen. Not sure if you know a relative or friend with a fabulous house in the area -- but if so, I'd recommend getting in touch with him. Not sure if he still has a website, but his email is I think he was cooking in SF before coming here to DC.

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              Thank you. Does he provide servers also?

              1. re: ChicShic

                I think so -- but not 100% certain.

          2. Does it have to be DC? We had our wedding reception at 2941 and when I organized brunch was by far the cheapest option. it's a gorgeous venue.

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            1. re: shellymck

              Actually, No. We can do anything inside the beltway

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                Ah, so if you stay inside the beltway, that opens up more possibilities. What are you including in your price? A place like Lyon Hall has almost all of the menu in your price range. I am sure you could make arrangements with them.


                How about Sea Pearl in Merrifield?


                Or Cafe Assorti in Arlington?


            2. We've also considered a cocktail party reception. Trying to find great tasting finger foods that we can actually pronounce :) Any good ideas?

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                I don't know of the price for a cocktail party but CoCo Sala was very responsive when I contacted them about my wedding.

                Finger foods might be more expensive because you'll need more of them to ensure people leave satisfied (if you want that).