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Jun 23, 2011 07:23 PM

Healdsburg Itinerary - Thoughts/Suggestions

Mid 30's couple - 10th anniv trip. 1st time to SF and wine country. Trying to fill a few holes in trip.

I'd appreciate thoughts/comments/suggestions to fill in the gaps and I'm not married to many of the wineries, going of research and suggestions of friends in the wine industry.

Also making an attempt to take it a little slower (thus only 2-3 wineries per day). Am I on the right track to relax, but still take in a good chunk of what SF/Sonoma have to offer?

Arrive in San Fran on Saturday Morning
Staying at Clift
Thinking about checking out Ferry Bldg Marketplace and shopping around Union Square and a photo opp at GG Bridge
Dinner at RN74 saturday night

Have an appt at Siduri at 2pm
Looking for a decent/affordable lunch stop around Santa Rosa before tasting
Downtown Wines in Healdsburg Plaza in late afternoon
Staying at H2
Open for dinner

Merry Edwards in the am
Gary Farrell in the pm
Thinking about grabbing lunch at Willow Wood Cafe in Graton and heading to Mishon for tasting/lunch - Any other suggestion for lunch or 3rd winery?

A Raffanelli in the am
Fritz and Dutcher Crossing for lunch/pm OR Ferrari Carano (more interested in the estate/gardens than the wine)

Dinner: Willie's; Zin or Ravenous (would prefer to keep it lower key after my wallet gets the cyrus bill!)

Unti in the am
Papapietro Perry for lunch tasting (grabbing picnic at Oakville)
Nalle in the pm
Dinner at Barndiva

Flight back home isn't until 5:30. Thinking about an early tasting and then heading back to SF or getting to SF early and having a nice lunch somewhere.


231 Center St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

980 Airway Ct, C Santa Rosa, CA

301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. Healdsburg without Cyrus or Bovolo? Yes, the Saturday Ferry Plaza market is a must.

    106 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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    1. re: Windy

      I wouldn't make a trip out there and miss Cyrus after all I have heard-Cyrus on Monday, just missed typing it out on the post.

      1. re: stevo333

        That's a relief! But do find time for a pizza and ice cream at Bovolo.

        106 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

    2. A few blocks away from Siduri is Chloe's Cafe, our favorite place to grab a sandwich at lunch but note they are only open Monday - Friday in case your schedule changes.

      Your choice of Barndiva is a good one, our favorite restaurant in Healdsburg. Nice vibe and look and the food from Chef Ryan Fancher is top notch.

      If you like Pinot Noir, a nice visit is Holdredge Winery in Healdsburg.

      1. For Wednesday check out Papapietro's neighbor-Kokomo Winery. Bovolo is also great for breakfast, just come in the back door. Better picinic options at Big John's in Healdsburg, a higher end grocery store.

        106 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

        1. You might try to work in a stop at the farm stand @ Dry Creek Peach in Healdsburg on Sunday (farm stand opens next weekend--Fri-Sat-Sun--they're also @ the Healdsburg Farmer's Mkt, but that's on Sat am). You have never tasted peaches like these--they are transporting!

          1. It would make more sense to do your GG bridge photo Op on your way to Healdsburg on Sunday since you will be driving over the GG and there is a great vista/photo op stop right on the Marin side of the bridge after you cross it.
            The GG is not visible from anywhere you will be on Sat.