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Jun 23, 2011 04:44 PM

Great Breakfast near Society Hill?

Hi! Can you please provide me with your opinions regarding great places for breakfast near Society Hill? We are not looking for a place that "serves breakfast" but a restaurant that creates incredible breakfast meals. (Previous recommendations for breakfast places in Philly/burbs have directed me to "diners that serve breakfast" causing me to believe that a lot of people have not had a great breakfast in the area.) Thank you!!

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  1. I moved out of Society Hill in 07, so it's been a while... but I considered it something of a breakfast desert. You want great breakfast, which is a reasonable request, but I was always dissapointed how hard it was to get an above average breakfast.

    1. I'd suggest going 4 blocks north of Market St to Cafe Estelle on 4th street just above Callowhill

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        Thanks Bigley, we've eaten here before - it is good. However, we are looking for a new place. Have you eaten at Honey's Sit-n-eat? Your opinion please?

      2. If you like crepes, there is Beau Monde on 6th and Bainbridge.

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          Wow- I checked out the Beau Monde menu and it looks fabulous. Thank you!

        2. If it's the weekend, Kanella for a fantastic Cypriot breakfast.

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            Agree, and it's also open for brunch on Thursday. But they don't open til 11:00 I think. I can't think of any great early breakfast spots either, but there are plenty of good brunch places if it's the weekend and after 11am.

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              Kanella's menu looks great too, but 11:00 AM is a little too late for us> I will definitely eat here another time. Thank you!

          2. The original comment has been removed