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Great Breakfast near Society Hill?

Hi! Can you please provide me with your opinions regarding great places for breakfast near Society Hill? We are not looking for a place that "serves breakfast" but a restaurant that creates incredible breakfast meals. (Previous recommendations for breakfast places in Philly/burbs have directed me to "diners that serve breakfast" causing me to believe that a lot of people have not had a great breakfast in the area.) Thank you!!

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  1. I moved out of Society Hill in 07, so it's been a while... but I considered it something of a breakfast desert. You want great breakfast, which is a reasonable request, but I was always dissapointed how hard it was to get an above average breakfast.

    1. I'd suggest going 4 blocks north of Market St to Cafe Estelle on 4th street just above Callowhill

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        Thanks Bigley, we've eaten here before - it is good. However, we are looking for a new place. Have you eaten at Honey's Sit-n-eat? Your opinion please?

      2. If you like crepes, there is Beau Monde on 6th and Bainbridge.


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          Wow- I checked out the Beau Monde menu and it looks fabulous. Thank you!

        2. If it's the weekend, Kanella for a fantastic Cypriot breakfast.

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            Agree, and it's also open for brunch on Thursday. But they don't open til 11:00 I think. I can't think of any great early breakfast spots either, but there are plenty of good brunch places if it's the weekend and after 11am.

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              Kanella's menu looks great too, but 11:00 AM is a little too late for us> I will definitely eat here another time. Thank you!

          2. Honey's is awesome. Another favorite is Jones and Famous 4th Street Deli.

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              Good call on Famous 4th, they open early and the smoked fish and corned beef hash definitely make great breakfast meals (and leftovers).

              Honey's never did it for me, it's ok but not worth the kind of wait they can have. If you're going to travel from Society Hill, I'd go to Morning Glory first, it's a little closer and just as good to me. Carmen's Country Kitchen is also not that far and makes great and quirky breakfast meals full of personality. Only Friday through Monday though, and don't bother if your party is bigger than four people.

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                Thanks BarryG- I'll let you know where we go. Have you been to Cafe Lift?
                Just wondering what your thoughts are regarding Cafe Lift if you have been there.
                Thanks again!!

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                  Not in a very long time but I hear it's good.