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Jun 23, 2011 04:02 PM

Midland Thai Kitchen in Midland Park

Several days ago, I saw an article about a Thai restaurant in Midland Park. This surprised me, as I'm pretty familiar with the town, and had no idea this place existed.

I've complained before about how I wished there were more moderately priced, decent Thai restaurants in the middle-class 'burbs of Bergen County. It seems like the only options are to go to Ridgewood and pay ridiculous prices and fight for parking, or go to Hackensack and get some reasonably priced, good food, but deal with a lot of traffic and difficulty navigating the urbanish streets. Siam Ruby Cafe in Rochelle Park was the perfect middle ground for me - but alas, the place failed under multiple owners. Since they've closed, Wondee's had been my regular Thai restaurant.

Well, now we have Midland Thai Kitchen. While Midland Park these days is a bit more upscale than what I'd consider a true "middle class" town, it's way less pretentious than Ridgewood. That means cheaper rents, which means cheaper food. They're more expensive than the Hackensack places, but way less expensive than the Ridgewood places.

When I checked the place out, it was pretty nice inside. There weren't a lot of dine-in tables, but the place was open and roomy overall. The waitperson was very courteous. His personality reminded me of my favorite Siam Ruby owner, Louie. I talked with him a little bit, and he told me that they had been open for about five months. How did this place escape me for so long?

I tried my old standbys: moderately spicy chicken pad thai, pork pad see ew with American broccoli, drunken noodles, and chicken tom yum soup. (No, I didn't eat everything myself.) They threw in a complimentary order of sweet potato filled pastry puffs.

The pad thai and pad see ew were very good, pretty close to Wondee's in terms of quality. The drunken noodles were good too, and had quite a heat kick. These entrees were $10 each, a little more than Wondee's, but the portions were smaller too. Not a bad size, just not quite as generous as Wondee's. The sweet potato puffs were also very good.

The only disappointment was the tom yum soup. It was very sweet, which I've never experienced with this kind of soup. There wasn't much lemongrass flavor either. The sweetness really creeped me out a bit. I wouldn't get the soup again.

But the entrees were excellent. So, the convenient location, the friendly service, and the good food will keep me coming back. Wondee's is a bit better and cheaper, but Midland Thai has a lot going for it and is a more convenient location for me. Give them a shot!

Siam Ruby Cafe
184 W Passaic St, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

Wondee Cafe
296 Main St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Thai Kitchen
320 US Highway 206 N, Chester, NJ 07930

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  1. Where in Midland Park did they open? I can't seem to put my finger on it. Also- we love Gao (i think that is the spelling) in Ramsey. It is on the corner where Mamacitas used to be on the main drag. Might be a little higher priced but the food is wonderful and so is the service. Not a hole in the wall but definately nothing fancy, i take the kids all the time.

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    1. re: scholar399

      They're at 15 Central Avenue, just past the "downtown" area along Godwin Ave. They're near the corner, on the side closest to that area.

      I've wanted to try Gao, but the prices are pretty close to Ridgewood levels. Maybe one day.

      1. re: zhelder

        We tried Midland Thai last week, sorry to say we did not like it at all. The chicken satay type appetizer was good, but the dip sauce was very thin and flavorless. I had chicken mussaman curry, again flavorless and thin. My husband had the chicken with green curry, again thin and flavorless. I too Like Gao and prefer their food.

    2. Decent review in The Record today:

      On a side note, a few of us have been having a little debate in the Siam Ruby of Rochelle Park thread (which has reopened on a trial basis) about whether the manager of Midland Thai was the guy who ran Siam Ruby about three years ago. This review has now convinced me it's the same guy: same name, similar menus, same voice and mannerisms, and very gracious. But Louie sure looks a lot younger now than he did a few years ago!

      Siam Ruby Cafe
      184 W Passaic St, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662