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Jun 23, 2011 03:57 PM

BBQ Fritos?

Has anyone seen BBQ Fritos? I use the original for Frito Pie, but I love these for munching and bean dip.

Frito-Lay still makes them, but doesn't widely distribute them. It's sad: the Frito-Lay empire was largely built on Fritos, but they neglect them for dozens of horrible-tasting Lays potato chips and nightmarish Doritos blends. I find Chili-Cheese Fritos passable; can't abide the Honey BBQ Fritos (ugh, and they don't even look like Fritos).

I e-mailed Frito-Lay, and they basically told me to look around. (BTW: I loved the short-lived Tabasco Fritos. Easy enough the duplicate at home: Buy original Fritos, place in plastic bag, douse with Tabasco sauce, shake, spread on baking sheet, heat in 200-degree oven until crisp again.)

You can find BBQ Fritos on-line, but the shipping is a killer.

I'm in Friendswood, so I'm interested in any BBQ Fritos sightings in that neck of the woods. But I'll drive further if necessary. I'll even fly, if I need to; I fly my Cessna for boudin, Hill Country BBQ, and Mississippi Delta tamales.

Thanks kindly.


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  1. I find the best assortment of chips at HEB. I rarely eat them but picked up some Carolina bbq potato chips to go with a bbq sandwich I was making the next day and they are awesome! Wish I wouldn't have found them because now I want more.

    Where are you getting your boudin?

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    1. re: texasredtop

      For boudin, I like Cormier's and Boudin King in Jennings, Hebert's in Maurice, Floyd's and Ray's in Opelousas, Redlich's in Basile, Charlie's and T-Boy's in Mamou, Jennings and Opelousas have nice little airfields. I can fly in, pick up an ice chest full of boudin, and be back in Houston in under four hours. By car, they're all right off I-10.

      1. re: waderoberts

        I doubt there's an airfield nearby but the Billie's Mini Mart in Krotz Springs has THE best boudin balls. They are owned by Ray's in Opelousas but everyone says that Billie's is far better. I have family up the Atchafalaya River and we pass by Billie's on the way to visit.

        Even closer for boudin is Nick's Grocery in Port Arthur. I haven't had any from there in years but it was the best I ever had and I was raised in Louisiana. They had a chicken boudin that was just heavenly. I get my crawfish boudin from Abe's in Clear Lake. Abe's is owned by Scotty Abraham and his Dad owns Abe's Grocery Store in Lake Charles where the boudin is made every day. Scotty may make his own now, I don't know but it's very good. I grew up across the street from them. For years, I drove to Lake Charles to get that crawfish boudin.

        Have you ever had boudin from Best Stop in Scott, La? So many people rave about it and I threw mine away. I thought it was awful.

        1. re: texasredtop

          This is a terrific and informative discussion about boudin. I think, the best I've seen. Unfortunately, not sure folks will find it under "BBQ Fritos." I looked for a "Boudin in Houston" (or similar) discussion to suggest you post this in, but found no threads dedicated to it. Perhaps one of you two 'boudin buddies' could start one?

          1. re: Jaymes

            Haven't tried Billie's or Nick's. I'm fond of the Abe's in Lake Charles, and I hit the Clear Lake City outpost often (I live close by). I don't recollect them making their own, but I recall decent frozen boudin (pork or shrimp or crawfish), either Savoie's or Poche's. I was happy with a few visits to Best Stop. I must say, though, that I've found the boudin at a lot of the small markets to vary in consistency, much like BBQ; there's the occasional off-day/off-batch.

            Posting now to texasredtop's new Boudin in Houston thread.

            1. re: waderoberts

              Abe's has fresh boudin and the last time I talked to Scotty, he was still bringing it over daily from Mr. Johnny's grocery store in Lake Charles. But that was 5 years ago or more.

              I purchased about $80 worth of meat and boudin at Best Stop on my first and last stop there. One package was two stuffed pork roasts. I cooked one and threw the other out. The sausage and the boudin, the same thing. I always carry an ice chest with me to New Orleans because I know I'm bringing something home.

              If you're ever in Krotz Springs, stop in Billie's Mini Mart - not the little hamburger stand attached but the store for the gas station and have some of the best boudin balls ever.

    2. they are always in the stores here in florida...
      original,bbq and the scoops are the usuals ones i find ...

      1. the answer i have gotten sometimes from the large companies..they do certain chips or flavors in certain regions only.

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        1. re: srsone

          That's pretty much the one automated-like response I got from Frito-Lay. But why not BBQ Fritos in Texas, of all places?

          1. re: waderoberts

            true..that i dont get either.....
            if all else fails..u could order them online....

            i cant find the wavy lays au gratin flavor i may have to order some..

            1. re: srsone

              Yep. I have found them on-line, and have come dangerously close several times to ordering a case. After years of living all over the country and having Texas, Southern, and Cajun foodstuffs shipped to me, I finally adopted this pre-order test: If the shipping cost is as much or more than the cost of the item, my hankering may not be THAT bad. Of course, though, sometimes it is . . . .

              1. re: waderoberts

                thats where google helps...and