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Jun 23, 2011 01:45 PM

cake pops or cake balls in SF

I admit to being intrigued by the cake pops phenomenon. Where do I find them in SF?

Cake pops are smooshed-up crumbled cake bits and frosting, optionally dipped in chocolate or something else and served on a stick. (Without the stick, they're called "cake balls.") I imagine people have strong reactions to cake pops or the idea of them (brilliant! repulsive! etc.), and there's already a thread about how people feel about cake pops here: . Now, I'm asking where to find them in SF. Thanks.

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    1. I bought my kid one at a Starbucks last weekend (not in Bay Area) because this is her birthday week. She loved it, but she's 6. The cake looked gummy and wet and not super appealing.

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        They're okay. Starbucks now displays calories, so they're not a huge investment. But I'd rather have Rice Krispies treats (same calories according to Starbucks).

        We had red velvet cake pops at a play at the Lorraine Hansbury Theater recently, catered at Fort Mason.

        Presumably frozen first. Not as good as cupcakes.

      2. I tried one from Starbucks and didn't like it. I first tried a few at the Underground Market by these two guys that started a cake pop business. My favorites were peach, strawberry, and one in the shape of an ice cream cone. Their flavors were subtle and really good.

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          1. There's a vendor at the Glen Park Farmer's Market (Sundays) that sells them. I think they also have pie pops.